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      • Jadwiga ([jadˈvʲiɡa]), also known as Hedwig (Hungarian: Hedvig; 1373/4 – 17 July 1399), was the first female monarch of the Kingdom of Poland, reigning from 16 October 1384 until her death. She was the youngest daughter of Louis the Great, King of Hungary and Poland, and his wife Elizabeth of Bosnia.
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  2. Jadwiga of Poland - Wikipedia › wiki › Jadwiga_of_Poland

    Jadwiga was crowned "king" in Poland's capital, Kraków, on 16 October 1384. Her coronation either reflected the Polish nobility's opposition to her intended husband, William, becoming king without further negotiation, or simply emphasized her status as queen regnant .

  3. Jadwiga | queen of Poland | Britannica › biography › Jadwiga

    Jadwiga was the daughter of Louis I, king of both Hungary and Poland, and Elizabeth of Bosnia.After Louis died on September 11, 1382, his elder daughter, Maria, was elected queen of Hungary, but the Poles opted to end the personal union between the two countries by choosing Jadwiga as their queen, though she was then but a child of nine years.

  4. Jadwiga - The Woman King of Poland - Cracked History › woman-king-poland

    Jadwiga was the daughter of Louis I the Great, who reigned simultaneously as king of Hungary and Poland. When Louis died, his eldest daughter, Mary, inherited that particular throne. The Polish nobility, however, instead chose the younger daughter Jadwiga as their ruler.

  5. Nov 05, 2020 · King Jadwiga of Poland was the first female monarch in Poland. She was crowned as a king because, in Poland, queens weren’t allowed to rule the country. However, the rule did not specify whether the king had to be a male. King Jadwiga of Poland The country crowned her “king” on 16 October 1384 in Kraków, Poland’s capital.

  6. Jadwiga Biography – Facts, Childhood, Life History ... › profiles › jadwiga-of

    Jadwiga, also known as Hedwig, ruled the Kingdom of Poland for more than a decade, as its first female monarch. An Anjou princess and the youngest daughter of Louis the Great, King of Hungary and Poland, and queen consort Elizabeth of Bosnia, Jadwiga was betrothed to William of Austria.

  7. Jadwiga: The Woman Who became Poland’s King – Crazy Polish Guy › 2015/10/25 › jadwiga-the-woman

    Oct 25, 2015 · Jadwiga was born in 1373 in Hungary, the daughter of King Louis of Anjou, who was the grandson of the Polish king Władysław Łokietek. At that time, royal houses intermarried, so even though Jadwiga was born to a Hungarian king, her roots were Polish.

  8. Royal People: Jadwiga of Poland – Just History Posts › 2017/10/23 › royal-people

    Oct 23, 2017 · A map showing lands ruled or claimed around 1370 by King Louis. WikiCommons.. Queen Elizabeth, anxious that her daughters could lose their claims to the throne, and aware of the delicate situation, offered to change Louis’ succession plans and offered the Poles Jadwiga as their monarch – she would live in Poland, making the Poles happy, and Mary still had the significant kingdom of Hungary.

  9. 42 Heartbreaking Facts About Queen Jadwiga, The Tragic Ruler › people › facts-jadwiga-poland-queen
    • Long May She Reign. Jadwiga’s reign as Queen of Poland lasted just under 15 years, from October 16, 1384 until her death at the tender age of 25.
    • Welcome to the World. Jadwiga was born in the city of Buda (now part of Budapest), which used to be the capital of the Kingdom of Hungary. She was the third and youngest child of Elizabeth of Bosnia and Louis I, King of Hungary and Poland.
    • High Prize Within the Patriarchy. Louis I, Jadwiga’s father, was a fierce warrior, but there was one battle he couldn’t win. Louis just couldn’t seem to produce a male heir.
    • Tragedy in Childhood. Most people don’t realize that Jadwiga was never supposed to be Queen. Instead her older sister Catherine of Hungary should have inherited the throne.
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