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  1. John, King of England - Wikipedia › wiki › John,_King_of_England

    4 days ago · John (24 December 1166 – 19 October 1216) was King of England from 1199 until his death in 1216. He lost the Duchy of Normandy and most of his other French lands to King Philip II of France, resulting in the collapse of the Angevin Empire and contributing to the subsequent growth in power of the French Capetian dynasty during the 13th century.

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    5 days ago · King John (24 December 1166 – 19 October 1216) was the son of Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine. He was King of England from 6 April 1199, until his death. He became King of England after the death of his brother Richard I (Richard the Lionheart). His reign was marked by disputes between John and his barons and bishops.

  3. John II of France - Wikipedia › wiki › John_II_of_France

    5 days ago · John II (French: Jean II; 26 April 1319 – 8 April 1364), called John the Good (French: Jean le Bon), was King of France from 1350 until his death. When he came to power, France faced several disasters: the Black Death, which killed nearly half of its population; popular revolts known as Jacqueries; free companies (Grandes Compagnies) of routiers who plundered the country; and English ...

  4. History of the English line of succession - Wikipedia › wiki › History_of_the_English

    Apr 30, 2021 · However, since Arthur had sided with Philip II of France, Richard's enemy, Richard named his younger brother John as his heir, and he became king. John [ edit ] John died, on 19 October 1216, in the midst of conflict against his barons; most of them had already recognized Prince Louis of France as king.

  5. Charles II of England - Wikipedia › wiki › Charles_II_of_England

    20 hours ago · Charles II (29 May 1630 – 6 February 1685) was King of Scotland from 1649 until 1651, and King of Scotland, England and Ireland from the 1660 Restoration of the monarchy until his death in 1685. Charles II was the eldest surviving child of Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland and Henrietta Maria of France .

  6. John Balliol - Wikipedia › wiki › John_of_Scotland

    6 days ago · John died in late 1314 at his family's château at Hélicourt in France. On 4 January 1315, King Edward II of England, writing to King Louis X of France, said that he had heard of the death of 'Sir John de Balliol' and requested the fealty and homage of Edward Balliol to be given by proxy.

  7. List of English monarchs - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ... › wiki › List_of_English_monarchs

    May 05, 2021 · James II (1685–1688) (deposed, died 1701), also King James VII of Scotland William III (1689–1702) and Mary II (1689–1694), as co-monarchs, also King and Queen of Scotland Anne (1702–1714), though the English throne was replaced with that of the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707

  8. Arthur I, Duke of Brittany - Wikipedia › wiki › Arthur_I,_Duke_of_Brittany

    May 01, 2021 · The Treaty of Le Goulet was signed by the kings John of England and Philip II of France in May 1200 and meant to settle once and for all the claims the Norman kings of England had as Norman dukes on French lands, including, at least for a time, Brittany.

  9. Alexander II of Scotland - Wikipedia › wiki › Alexander_II_of_Scotland

    Apr 28, 2021 · Early life. He was born at Haddington, East Lothian, the only son of the Scottish king William the Lion and Ermengarde of Beaumont.He spent time in England (John of England knighted him at Clerkenwell Priory in 1213) before succeeding to the kingdom on the death of his father on 4 December 1214, being crowned at Scone on 6 December the same year.

  10. Jersey: How a tiny island has played an outsized role in ... › 2021/05/06 › jersey-how-a-tiny

    May 06, 2021 · In 1649, Charles II was proclaimed King of England in St Helier’s Royal Square. Charles II’s son, James, later granted the island’s governor, George De Carteret, a vast tract of land in ...

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