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  1. In 1905, Carl was elected king of Norway and took the name Haakon VII. On the day Haakon was crowned, he gave his two-year-old son the Norwegian name Olav after Olaf Haakonsson, king of Norway and Denmark. Olav was thus the first heir to the throne since the Middle Ages to have been raised in Norway. Unlike his father, who was a naval officer ...

  2. Haakon VII (Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈhôːkʊn]; born Prince Carl of Denmark; 3 August 1872 – 21 September 1957) was the King of Norway from November 1905 until his death in September 1957.

  3. Dec 15, 2021 · Indeed, the King of Norway sometimes gives interviews to the press, something that is unheard of for other royals like the Queen of England for example. Like the rest of his family, King Harald is related to the British royal family. Here is the story of King Harald V, a beloved Norwegian king. Harald’s early years

  4. Nov 24, 2022 · Norsk næringslivssatsing i Silicon Savannah. Det er over 40 norske selskaper til stede i Kenya. I dag møtte Deres Kongelige Høyheter Kronprins Haakon og Kronprinsesse Victoria med norsk, svensk og kenyansk næringsliv som ser store muligheter i grønn teknologi og bærekraftige løsninger.

  5. Nov 10, 2022 · Princess Märtha Louise of Norway has relinquished her royal duties to focus on her alternative medicine business with her fiancee — a self-proclaimed shaman. The 51-year-old Princess is engaged ...

  6. Sverre Sigurdsson (Old Norse: Sverrir Sigurðarson) (c. 1145/1151 – 9 March 1202) was the king of Norway from 1184 to 1202.. Many consider him one of the most important rulers in Norwegian history.

  7. The petty kingdoms of Norway (Bokmål: smårike) were the entities from which the later Kingdom of Norway was founded. Before the unification of Norway in 872 and during the period of fragmentation after King Harald Fairhair 's death, Norway was divided in several small kingdoms .

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