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  1. As Edward and Aethelflaed spar over the future of Mercia and their father's dream of a united England, Uhtred tries to recover his lost birthright. 1. Episode 1

  2. Offa (died 29 July 796 AD) was King of Mercia, a kingdom of Anglo-Saxon England, from 757 until his death.The son of Thingfrith and a descendant of Eowa, Offa came to the throne after a period of civil war following the assassination of Æthelbald.

  3. Heptarchy, word used to designate the period between the establishment of Anglo-Saxon kingdoms in England toward the end of the 5th century ce and the destruction of most of them by the Danes in the second half of the 9th century. It is derived from the Greek words for "seven" and "rule." The seven kingdoms were Northumbria, Mercia, East Anglia, Essex, Kent, Sussex, and Wessex. The central ...

  4. The Kingdom of Asturias (Latin: Asturum Regnum; Asturian: Reinu d'Asturies) was a kingdom in the Iberian Peninsula founded by the Visigothic nobleman Pelagius. It was the first Christian political entity established after the Umayyad conquest of Visigothic Hispania in 718 or 722. [3]

  5. To appease Aelfric Guthred offers his sister Gisela in marriage but Gisela, in love with Uhtred, refuses and goes into hiding. In Wessex Alfred arranges the marriage of his daughter Aethelflaed to the young king of Mercia Aethelred and sends Hild and Ragnar to rescue Uhtred, which they accomplish when the ship comes ashore to winter.

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    Mercia [ˈmɜː(ɹ)siə] (altenglisch: mierce, myrce), deutsch Mercien, Merzien oder Südhumbrien (da südlich des Humber, vgl. Northumbria ), war eines der sieben angelsächsischen Königreiche während der Heptarchie .

  7. The Kingdom of the East Angles (Old English: Ēastengla Rīċe; Latin: Regnum Orientalium Anglorum), today known as the Kingdom of East Anglia, was a small independent kingdom of the Angles comprising what are now the English counties of Norfolk and Suffolk and perhaps the eastern part of the Fens.

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