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    The Unitit Kinrick o Great Breetain an Northren Ireland, commonly kent the Unitit Kinrick or Breetain, is a sovereign state in waster Europe. Lyin aff the north-wastren coast o the European mainlaund, the UK includes the isle o Great Breetain, the north-eastren pairt o the isle o Ireland an mony smawer islands. Northren Ireland is the anly pairt o the Unitit Kinrick that shares a laund mairch wi anither sovereign state‍—‌the Republic o Ireland. Apairt frae this laund mairch, the UK is ...

    • Inglis
    • 87.1% White, 7.0% Asian, 3.0% Black, 2.0% Mixed, 0.9% ithers
  2. Tlemcen - Wikipedia

    On the collapse o Almohad rule in the 1230s Tlemcen became the caipital o ane o three successor states, the kinrick o Tlemcen (1236 - 1554) an wis ruled for centuries bi successive Ziyyanid sultans. Its banner wis a white crescent pointin upwards on a blue field.

    • 9061 km² (3,498 sq mi)
    • Algerie
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  4. Milan - Wikipedia

    In 1796, Milan wis conquered bi Napoleon I an he made it the caipital o his Kinrick o Italy in 1805. [1] [6] Durin the Romantic period , Milan wis a major cultural centre in Europe, attractin several airtists, composers an important literary figures.

  5. Elizabeth o Hungary - Wikipedia

    Elizabeth o Hungary, T.O.S.F., (German: Heilige Elisabeth von Thüringen, Hungarian: Árpád-házi Szent Erzsébet, 7 Julie 1207 – 17 November 1231) wis a princess o the Kinrick o Hungary, Landgravine o Thuringie, Germany, an a greatly veneratit Catholic saunt wha wis an early member o the Third Order o St. Francis, bi which she is honoured as its patroness.

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    Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Clarivate Analytics era originariamente la divisione scientifica della e si occupava anche di proprietà intellettuale ; From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Foundation is a London-based charitable arm of , a Canadian news conglomerate.

  7. Antipope Alexander V - Unionpedia, the concept map

    Peter of Candia or Peter Phillarges (c. 1339 – May 3, 1410) as Alexander V (Alexander PP.) (Alessandro V) was a nominal pope elected during the Western Schism (1378–1417). 44 relations.

  8. Atlas of the United Kingdom - Wikimedia Commons

    Feb 29, 2020 · The Unitit Kinrick o Graet Breetain an Northren Irland is a state in wastren Europe. The UK haes fower launds: Ingland, Wales an Scotland, on the island o Graet Breetain; an Northren Irland, on the island o Irland, alang wi ither wee bits aboot the warld. The UK haes a population o 60 million. Kernewek

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    Template:Europe topic From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This continent-topic template is a shell template that is transcluded on multiple navigational templates. The links seen here are thus not the links that will show up in articles, and if there is a technical problem with a specific transclusion, it cannot be corrected here.

  10. Perugia - Wikipedia

    The history o Perugia goes back tae the Etruscan period. Perugia wis ane o the main Etruscan ceeties.The ceety is kent as the varsities toun an aw, wi the Varsity o Perugia foondit in 1308 (aboot 34,000 students), the Varsity for Foreigners (5,000 students), an some smawer colleges sic the Academy o Feene Airts "Pietro Vannucci" (Italian: Accademia di Belle Arti "Pietro Vannucci") public ...

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