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    The Kirby Company (stylized as KIRBY) is a manufacturer of vacuum cleaners and home cleaning accessories, based in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. It is a division of the Scott Fetzer Company (also known as Scott & Fetzer) which in turn is part of Berkshire Hathaway. Dealers are located in over 50 countries throughout the world.

    • History

      Jim Kirby designed the first Kirby vacuums for George Scott...

    • Kirby unit models

      The Kirby Company generally produces only one model at a...

    • Sales practice

      Since 1920, new Kirby home care systems have only been sold...

    • Litigation

      Between 1998 and 2001, in Alabama alone, more than 100...

  2. Jim Kirby - Wikipedia

    James B. Kirby (September 28, 1884 – June 9, 1971) was an American inventor and self-taught electrical engineer who focused his career on "eliminating the drudgery of housework". He is known mostly for inventing the Kirby vacuum cleaner and the wringerless washing machine.

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    It used water for dirt separation. Later revisions came to be known as the Kirby Vacuum Cleaner. In 1907 department store janitor James Murray Spangler (1848–1915) of Canton, Ohio invented the first portable electric vacuum cleaner, obtaining a patent for the Electric Suction Sweeper on 2 June 1908.

  4. Kirby | Disney Wiki | Fandom
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    Kirby is a green and gray upright vacuum cleaner who appears in the 1987 animated film, The Brave Little Toaster and its sequels.

    In the first film, Kirby reluctantly joins the appliances on a mission to find Rob, who is referred to them as "the Master". While seemingly being cantankerous and bossy towards the others, he actually cares very much about them and risks his life to save them more than once. Kirby cannot help but keep up appearances, considering that he is independent and often held back by the others.

    Being grumpy and stubborn, Kirby doesn't hang around much with the other appliances until near the very end of the first movie. He utterly despises Blanky and his overly-emotional personality. However, Kirby starts to soften up as the film progresses. In the movie's sequels, he is more laid-back and closer to his fellow appliances.

    • Good
    • Being alone (sometimes), music (sometimes)
    • Being annoyed, dust, cat litter
    • Household appliance One of Toaster's gang members
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    This is a list of vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaner manufacturers. A vacuum cleaner is a device that uses an air pump to create a partial vacuum to suck up dust and dirt, usually from floors, and optionally from other surfaces as well. The dirt is collected by either a dustbag or a rigid cartridge, which may be emptied and reused.

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    • in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
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    The Cleaning ability debuted as Clean in Kirby's Dream Land 3. The ability has little in the way of offensive potential, doing little damage and having an extremely short range. However, the Clean ability is needed to acquire many of the game's Heart Stars and can be very useful when paired with an Animal Friend. The ability focuses on different methods of cleaning, and its attacks with common household cleaning products. In Kirby's Dream Land 3, on his own, Kirby is only able to attack with a broom, but when used with an Animal Friend, he uses things like feather dusters, plungers, and other objects associated with cleaning. This ability also makes it the first time that the recurring enemy Broom Hattergives an ability. Cleaning makes a return in Kirby Star Allies, where it now has a wider array of attacks. This includes horizontal sweeps, vertical sweeps and some moves based on the attacks performed by the Animal Friends in Kirby's Dream Land 3, such as a dash attack involving Nag...

    Cleaning is greatly updated for its debut in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!Kirby gains a yellow kerchief with green stars over his head, with a purple and yellow broom. The sparkles that shoot from it when swung can hurt enemies or cause any garbage and grime to magically disappear. Kirby can also sit on the broom and fly quickly through the air.

    Cleaning is the third Copy Ability in the Kirby series to undergo a name change, the first being Burning and the second being Smash Bros.
    Cleaning holds the record for longest break between two appearances for a Copy Ability in a Kirby game, with 21 years between Kirby's Dream Land 3 and Kirby Star Allies.
    While Kirby can fly on his own with the broom in the anime, in the games, he requires ChuChuto help him do so.
    In Kirby Star Allies, since the sweeping moves and Clean ChuChu are wind-based and the Clean Nago and Pitch moves are water-based, it is the only ability in the game that can grant two different el...
  7. Learn the history behind your Kirby vacuum cleaner

    American made and world renown, The Kirby Company has been manufacturing high performance, long lasting vacuum cleaners since 1914. Owned by The Scott Fetzer Company, The Kirby vacuum cleaner has been cleaning up everyday messes for more than 100 years. Now, introducing the newest addition, the Kirby Avalir 2.

  8. Introducing, our best vacuum cleaner yet! The Avalir 2 is a powerful upright vacuum, carpet shampooer, hard floor cleaner, and so much more. This USA made, HEPA filtration vacuum removes allergens from your home while our deep cleaning shampoo system can clean carpet, mop hard floors and scrub tile & grout with ease!

  9. The Hoover Company - Wikipedia

    The Hoover Company is a vacuum cleaner company founded in Ohio in the US. It also established a major base in the United Kingdom; and, mostly in the 20th century, it dominated the electric vacuum cleaner industry, to the point where the Hoover brand name became synonymous with vacuum cleaners and vacuuming in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

  10. Oct 21, 2020 · The Kirby brand name has been around for well over 100 years, and they have just released their newest and best all-in-one vacuum, mop, and carpet cleaner, the Kirby Avalir 2. Well, in fact it was released early last year but we've only just got around to doing a review!