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  1. The wiki about the Kirby games and Kirby: Right Back at Ya! that anyone can edit. Note: Polls are currently disabled on UCP Wikias and will be readded if the feature is implemented. Does not support Internet Explorer 6 A Hat in Time • ActRaiser • Alex Kidd • Azure Striker Gunvolt • Banjo-Kazooie • Blaster Master • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night • Bonk • Broforce • Bubble ...

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    La Kirbypedia es un proyecto en el cual se trata de recopilar toda la información existente acerca de todos los juegos de Kirby, desde los enemigos, compañeros, poderes y todo lo que tenga que ver con Kirby. En esta Wiki TODOS pueden colaborar aportando cualquier información, así que si quieren pueden empezar creando un articulo AQUÍ

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    Concept and creation. Kirby was created by video game designer Masahiro Sakurai as the player character of the 1992 game Kirby's Dream Land.The character's design was intended to serve as placeholder graphics for the game's original protagonist in early development and thus was given a simplistic ball-like appearance.

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    Aug 20, 2020 · About the Kirby series by Nintendo!. Since 2010, WiKirby has been striving to be the best resource for Kirby information on the internet.And you can help us! It's easy - just head on over to our Help & Policy section and then find a page to get started.

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    During the early development of Kirby's Dream Land, Kirby went by the name Popopo (known in Japan as ポポポ), but Nintendo eventually decided they wanted something that would more appeal to the Western audience.In an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto at E3 2011 by Game Informer, Miyamoto confirmed rumors that the name Kirby was partially inspired by attorney John Kirby, who defended Nintendo in the case Universal City Studios, Inc. v. Nintendo Co., Ltd., in which Universal alleged that Donkey Kong...

    For a Nintendo character, Kirby is amongst the simplest in appearance. As nothing more than a pink, 8-inch tall, charismatic ball with red feet, Kirby uses the malleability and flexibility of his tuft-shaped body to establish his individuality, and traverse the colorful, interactive landscapes around him. On his own, Kirby has little physical strength. However his ability to mimic his foes' characteristics, known as Copy Abilities, through ingestion adds quite the amount of physical, chemical...

    Kirby has had many adventures, which has given him the opportunity to learn and utilize many different moves. The following table list every move that Kirby has had in the main series, starting with the most common ones downward to the rarest:(moves performed with Copy Abilities will not be listed here)

    Kirby is the hero and main playable character in every game in his series, with the exception of Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe. Kirby has also appeared in every Super Smash Bros. game as a fighter, and never needs to be unlocked. The following lists Kirby's role in each game in his series, as well as those of Super Smash Bros. games where applicable. For more information about the plot of each individual game as a whole, see the respective articles for each game.

    Kirby is the main character and primary focus of the anime Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, known as Hoshi no Kabi (Kirby of the Stars) in Japan. Here, he is depicted as an infant Star Warrior who was called upon before his appointed time to protect Dream Land (specifically Cappy Town) from the Demon Beasts called upon by King Dedede using NightMare Enterprises' monster delivery system. In the anime, Kirby is but a toddler, capable of only shouting the word 'poyo' repeatedly, and has to be looked af...

    Kirby has appeared in some form or another outside of his series. The following lists his appearances in games that are not Kirby or Super Smash Bros. games: 1. Arcana - Kirby makes a cameo appearance in the introductory cut-scene of the game, appearing (twice) in the horde of monsters led by Galneon (image on right). Arcana was also developed by HAL Laboratory and released precisely one month before Kirby's Dream Land in Japan, meaning that this was technically Kirby's very first appearance...

    Kirby has appeared in a multitude of sprite-based two-dimensional games. The following table lists in chronological order his primary sprite appearances, along with any pertinent notes:

    This is the signature title of Kirby in his universe, which only appears in the Japanese and Chinese versions, but is omitted in other localizations. It is also the prefix that indicates a main series title in the Japanese and Chinese versions.

    1. During early development of Kirby's Dream Land, Kirby went by the name of 'Popopo'. This name was later discarded in in favor of the more familiar one before the game's release. Much later, the Popopo Islands in Kirby Mass Attack were named after this original name as an homage. 1. Additionally, Kirby's simplistic appearance was originally a placeholder for a more detailed character, but Masahiro Sakurai and the developers came to prefer the simple design and stuck with it. 2. In early ti...

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    The Kirbypedia is up at Kirby's Rainbow Resort! Image size. 1628x407px 257.85 KB. Show More. See More by IvynaJSpyder. Featured in collections. kirby thing by 8jackie890.

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    Kirby may be powerful, but he's only so powerful. In fact, he's just that powerful. Tier: He's gotta be absolutely 5-B. Don't fucking tell me whatever level he is, He is fucking 5-B no exceptions. Whats this 4-A Talk? I mean, he's just 5-B, like look at it guys, it's on Kirbypedia, so you can't deny that. It's on Kirbypedia. Kirbypedia never lies.

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    Cloud Sheet! Chain of Memories Style. THIS SHOULD BE THE UPGRADED ONE! Here it is. Vincent’s first! Cloud is next! Cloud has no wing though :( :D here is Legogamer 2.0! It worked!

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    Me gustaría añadir algunos artículos sobre tecnología teórica (tal como naves espaciales autorreplicantes), y otros (discos ópticos de almacenamiento de datos de cuarta generación, etc), ¿me podrías guiar y decirme como y donde debo (en que categoría) añadir mis futuros artículos en esta wiki?

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    Esta es una lista de comunidades en español existentes en Fandom. Siéntete libre de unirte a las comunidades mostradas abajo. Lo único que necesitas es crear una cuenta y podrás iniciar sesión en cualquier wiki. También puedes comenzar una nueva comunidad. Para ver descripciones de cada comunidad, haz clic en los enlaces info.