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  1. Erikusa - Wikipedia

    Ndodhet afër kufirit me Shqipërinë,një ishull me rreth 3.7 km2 dhe me 698 banorë sipas vitit 2002 është një ishull dendur i banuar. Bën pjesë në Komunën e Korfuzit. Koordinatat : 39°53′V 19°35′L  /  39.883°V 19.583°L  / 39.883;

  2. Wuhan - Wikipedia

    Wuhan has nearly 200 lakes, including the East Lake of 33 km2, and Tangxun Lake, which are the largest lakes entirely within a city in China. Other well-known lakes include South Lake and Sand Lake. Liangzi Lake, the largest lake by surface area in Hubei province, is located in the southeast of Jiangxia District.

  3. Jamaeka - Wikipedia

    Jamaeka es a' karibiyen ailen kuntrii. T' kapitel citii es Kingston.T' airea o' t' kuntrii es 10,991 km² an t' popyulayshun as a' 2017 iya es 2,890,299 salan. T' mien laenghwij es Inglish, alla ets neya kuntriis daa tal Spanish.

  4. Tuublɛɛ — Wikipediyaɛɛ

    Tɛtʊ tʊnɛ tɩ-taa yee pakalɩɣ ɛyaa km2 taa kɔyɔ, panaɣ-wɛ ɛzɩ 4 588 yɔ. Pamaza tɛtʊ sɔsɔtʊ tʊnɛ lɛ, pana se tɩ-walanzɩ taa talɩ ɛzɩ ɛkɩtaarɩnaa ɛzɩ 11 499 pʊtɔbʊʊ se kilomɛtanaa ɛzɩ 114,99 km2 yɔ.

  5. Antwerp - Wikipedia

    Antwerp's total population is 472,071 (1 Januar 2008) makin it the lairgest municipality in Belgium an Flanders in terms o its population. Its total aurie is 204.51 km2 (78.96 sq mi), givin a population density o 2,308 inhabitants per km².

  6. Indonesia - Wikipedia

    Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim-majority country with 227 million adherents in 2017, with the majority being Sunnis (99%). The Shias and Ahmadis respectively constitute 1% (1–3 million) and 0.2% (200,000–400,000) of the Muslim population.

  7. List of municipal corporations in India - Wikipedia

    The content of this article is based on the "Census of India, 2011":Cities with 1 lakh(100,000) and above population; Census India; Note: The list includes the city municipal limits, but not urban agglomeration or Municipalities.

  8. Togo - Wikipedia

    Togo covers an aurie o approximately 57000 km2 (22,000 sq mi) wi a population o approximately 6.7 million. Togo is a tropical, sub-Saharan naition, heichlie dependent on agricultur, wi a climate that provides guid growin saisons. While the offeecial leid is French, there are mony ither leids spoken in Togo, particularly those o the Gbe family.

  9. Kenya - Wikipedia

    582,646 km2 km 2 224,961 sq mi ... Sanadka 2013 ilaa iyo 2017, dhaqaalaha Kenya wuxuu kubcay 5.5% waxaa lagu qiyaasi in uu lubci doono 6.1% sanadka 2019. Calanka ...

  10. Karachi - Wikipedia

    Karachi is ranked as a Beta warld ceety. [12] [13] It wis the oreeginal caipital o Pakistan till the construction o Islamabad an is the location o the Port o Karachi an Port Bin Qasim , twa o the region's lairgest an busiest ports.