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  1. Siliguri - Wikipedia

    Leading Hindi daily Prabhat Khabar and Janpath Samachar are also published from Siliguri. 'Himalaya Darpan' is a notable Nepali language newspaper which is circulated in Siliguri. [109] An online based news portal, Siliguri Times [110] is there for providing live updates regarding Siliguri and adjacent areas.

  2. Siddharthanagar - Wikipedia

    Siddharthanagar (formerly and colloquially still used Bhairahawa) is a municipality and the administrative headquarter of Rupandehi District on the Outer Terai plains of Nepal, 265 km (165 mi) west of Kathmandu Nepal's capital.

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  3. Sunwal - Wikipedia

    Sunwal (Nepali: सुनवल) is a municipality in Nawalparasi District.It lies in Western Development Region, Lumbini Zone.It was announced as a municipality on 2011 combining two neighboring Village Development Committees; Sunwal and Swathi; of the district (by means of financial plan for the fiscal year 2011–2012 on July 16, 2011).

  4. Nepal - Wikipedia

    Tién una densidad de población de 191 habitantes por Km2 y les sos principales ciudaes son Katmandú (que supera el millón de habitantes), Lalitpur (162.991 habitantes)y Bharatpur (64.300 habitantes), El país tién un crecimiento de la so población muy lenta, no mas de 0.1 %.

  5. Pilibhit - Wikipedia

    Pilibhit is a city and a municipal board in the Pilibhit district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.Pilibhit is the north-easternmost district of Bareilly division, situated in the Rohilkhand region of the sub-Himalayan Plateau belt next to foothills of Sivalik Range on the boundary of Nepal, known for the origin of river Gomati and one of the most forest-rich areas in North India.

  6. Vantaa - Wikipedia

    Vantaa has a rich history that dates back to the Stone Age. The area was inhabited by Tavastians and Finns proper until the so-called second crusade to Finland and Swedish colonisation of the area. Prior to the name Vantaa being taken into use in 1974, the area was known as Helsingin pitäjä (Swedish: Helsinge; "Socken of Helsinki").

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    India before the British colonization Portuguese India Vasco da Gama (1498) Vasco de Gama was the first to discover a sea road in 1498. He landed in Calicut in the present-day Indian state of Kerala. At that time there were already Arab merchants and they disagreed to let “Vasco da Gama” stay there.

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    Jul 26, 2015 · Vernacular newspapers such as those in Hindi, Nepali Gujarati, Odia, Urdu and Punjabi are also read by a select readership. Doordarshan is the state-owned television broadcaster. Multi system operators provide a mix of Bengali, Nepali, Hindi, English and international channels via cable.

  9. Kuvajti - Wikipedia

    Kuvajti ose Kuvejti është shtet i pavarur që shtrihet në ekstremin verior të Gjirit Persik, në mes Arabisë Saudite dhe Irakut.Kuvajti është themeluar në vitin 1756, si port natyror dhe qendër transite tregtare ndërmjet Indisë, Omanit dhe porteve të Gjirit Persik, pavarësinë e plotë e ka fituar në vitin 1961.

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    – na Evropski celini (green & dark grey) – v Evropski uniji (green) — [Legenda] Territory of the French Republic. a Glavno mesto (in največje mesto) Paris 48°51.4′N, 2°21.05′E Uradni jeziki French [e] Demonim French Upravljanje Unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic - President François Hollande - Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault Formation - Frankish Kingdom (unified ...