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    This template uses the Wikidata property: . coordinate location (P625) (see

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    km2 km 2: US spelling: square kilometer: 10 km 2 (3,9 sq mi) km2 sqmi; m 2: m2 m 2: US spelling: square meter: 10 m 2 (110 sq ft) m2 sqft; cm 2: cm2 cm 2: US spelling: square centimeter: 10 cm 2 (1,6 sq in) cm2 sqin; mm 2: mm2 mm 2: US spelling: square millimeter: 10 mm 2 (0,016 sq in) mm2 sqin; non-SI metric: ha: ha ha 10 ha (25 akrov ...

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    All Mayotte waters are ruled by a National marine Park, and many places are natural reserves. The outer coral reef is 195 km long, housing 1,500 km2 of lagoon, including 7.3 km2 of mangrove. There are at least 250 different species of coral, 760 tropical fish species, and the National Natural Heritage Inventory (INPN) has no fewer than 3,616 ...

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    Area; S-I originals; original: convert to: linked plural: non-linked singular: US non-linked plural: US linked singular square metre: square kilometre: 48.346 m 2 (0,0483 km 2) 48.346 m 2 (0,0483 km 2)

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    Tavistock Group is a Bahamas-based private investment organization founded by Joe Lewis in 1975. Lewis is the primary investor in the company. The company is headquartered in the offshore financial centre of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas and has offices in Argentina, China, Mexico, the United States, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Romania, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Bulgaria.

  6. Innsbruck is a city in Austria. About 120,000 people live there. It is the capital of the Austrian federal state of Tyrol and also a district of Tyrol. It is one of the biggest cities of Austria. It has an area of 104.91 km2. The highest area is the Praxmarerkarspitze (2641m). The deepest one is the Inn near Ampass (565m).

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    This template uses the Wikidata property: . સ્થળના અક્ષાંસ રેખાંશ (P625) (see

  8. The President of Uganda is Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. The country is to the East of Africa. The population of Uganda is 32 million people. The area of Uganda is about 236,040 km2. Uganda produces coffee and copper. The literacy rate of Uganda is 68%, which mean people in Uganda who are at least 15 years old know how to read and write.

  9. France has the second-largest Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the world. It covers 11,035,000 km 2 (4,260,637 sq mi). Only the United States has a larger one . History. The name "France" comes from the Latin word Francia ', which means "land of the Franks" or "Frankland".

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    The prices have traditionally been three to four times the price in the United States, with prices during 2000–2005 of €1.00/litre (about $1.42 per litre ($5.4/US gal) while the US had prices around $1.50 per US gallon ($0.40/l). After a large increase until the summer of 2008, the end of 2008 experienced a strong decline linked with a ...