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  1. Armour - Wikipedia

    Armour (British English) or armor (American English; see spelling differences) is a protective covering that is used to prevent damage from being inflicted to an object, individual or vehicle by direct contact weapons or projectiles, usually during combat, or from damage caused by a potentially dangerous environment or activity (e.g., cycling, construction sites, etc.).

  2. NASA's HiRISE orbital camera captures enlightening close-up ...

    Jan 09, 2021 · Researchers at the University of Arizona have used NASA's High Resolution Imaging Experience (HiRISE) camera to capture images of the Valles Marineris canyon on Mars. . Researchers want to study the canyon, which is 2,500 mi (4,000 km) long and has depths up to 4 mi (7 km), to better understand how it formed and what its formation means for the history of Mars

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  3. 12/27 Links: Moroccan-Israeli peace faces multiple security ...

    Dec 27, 2020 · The US sent two B-52 bombers to the region last month, for the first time since 2019, in what the US military said was aimed to “deter aggression and reassure US partners and allies.” President Donald Trump threatened Iran last week after a number of rockets were fired at the US embassy in Iraq.

  4. Vallejo, California - Wikipedia,_California

    5 hours ago · Vallejo was named the most diverse city in the United States in a 2012 study by Brown University based on 2010 census data, and the most diverse city in the state of California by a Niche study based on 2017 American Community Survey data.

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  5. Curaçao - Wikipediaçao

    5 days ago · A landfall of a hurricane in Curaçao has not occurred since the United States National Hurricane Center started tracking hurricanes. Curaçao has, however, been directly affected by pre-hurricane tropical storms several times; the latest which to do so were Tomas in 2010, Cesar in 1996, Joan-Miriam in 1988, Cora and Greta in 1978, Edith and ...

  6. Uruguay - Wikipedia

    5 hours ago · The United States and Uruguay have also cooperated on military matters, with both countries playing significant roles in the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti. President Mujica backed Venezuela's bid to join Mercosur. Venezuela has a deal to sell Uruguay up to 40,000 barrels of oil a day under preferential terms.

  7. Midway Atoll - Wikipedia

    2 days ago · Midway Atoll (colloquial: Midway Islands; Hawaiian: Pihemanu Kauihelani) is a 2.4-square-mile (6.2 km 2) atoll in the North Pacific Ocean at Midway Atoll is an unorganized , unincorporated territory of the United States.

  8. Kurdistan - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · Kurdistan (/ ˌ k ɜːr d ɪ ˈ s t æ n, ˈ s t ɑː n /; Kurdish: Kurdistan ,کوردستان ‎ [ˌkʊɾdɪˈstɑːn] (); lit. "region of Kurds") or Greater Kurdistan is a roughly defined geo-cultural territory in Western Asia wherein the Kurdish people form a prominent majority population and the Kurdish culture, languages, and national identity have historically been based.

  9. G4 nations - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · The G4 nations comprising Brazil, Germany, India, and Japan are four countries which support each other's bids for permanent seats on the United Nations Security Council. Unlike the G7 , where the common denominator is the economy and long-term political motives, the G4's primary aim is the permanent member seats on the Security Council.

  10. British Overseas Territories - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · The British Overseas Territories (BOTs), also known as United Kingdom Overseas Territories (UKOTs), are fourteen territories all with a constitutional and historical link with the United Kingdom. [1] [2] They are remnants of the British Empire and do not form part of the United Kingdom itself.

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