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  1. Talk:List of countries and dependencies by area/Archive 1 ...

    We should come to a consensus as to how we want to fix this list, should we remove the square miles as most of the world uses km2, should we separate the km2 and sq mi into separate columns, should we yell and scream at Wikipedia programmers to fix the underlying issue?--

  2. Talk:List of European countries by area - Wikipedia

    Of course it then throws the whole list out, and makes wikipedia's integrity questionable at best. Dr Rgne ( talk ) 11:26, 15 September 2008 (UTC) this case is disputed you know, what makes you think you are right and we are wrong, at least I'm trying to be neutral -- C D 11:35, 15 September 2008 (UTC)

  3. Indonesia - Wikipedia

    Indonesia is the world's largest island country and the 14th-largest country by land area, at 1,904,569 square kilometres (735,358 square miles). With over 267 million people, it is the world's 4th-most populous country as well as the most populous Muslim-majority country.

  4. Occitania - Wikipedia

    Map of Occitania in Occitan language, with the main cities. Occitania ( Occitan : Occitània , locally [u(k)siˈtanjɔ] , [ukʃiˈtanjɔ] or [u(k)siˈtanja] ) is the historical region in southern Europe where Occitan was historically the main language spoken, [1] and where it is sometimes still used, for the most part as a second language.

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    • 16 million
  5. Densest cities in a first world country (home, shops) - Page ...

    Jul 08, 2013 · How many tropical cities in the world are first world?, World, 163 replies What cities will graduate to major world cities in the next 10 years?, World, 14 replies If the entire world was one country, what would be the capital of the world?, World, 165 replies Can you identify every country in the world on a map of the world?

  6. Myanmar - Mandalay - Street Life - Rickshaw Driver - 2 | Flickr

    Mandalay is the second-largest city and the last royal capital of Burma. Located 716 km north of Yangon on the east bank of the Irrawaddy River, the city has a population of 1,225,553 (2014 census). Mandalay is the economic hub of Upper Burma and considered the centre of Burmese culture. A continuing influx of Chinese immigrants, mostly from Yunnan, in the past twenty years, has reshaped the ...

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  7. The Crew - Map Discussion [Archive] - Ubisoft Forums

    Hello everyone! As far as I know, PetrolJunkie said it all from the beginning: 10.000km of roads, 5.000 square km map (roughly 120km x 80km). 2 hours to go from NY to LA and 4 hours to do the whole map. I also heard from the manager of the studio that there is the Indianapolis Circuit.

  8. Metric prefix - Unionpedia, the concept map

    One half is the irreducible fraction resulting from dividing one by two or the fraction resulting from dividing any number by its double. New!!: Metric prefix and One half · See more » Order of magnitude. An order of magnitude is an approximate measure of the number of digits that a number has in the commonly-used base-ten number system. New!!:

  9. information about evaporation from artificial lakes and reservoirs is rarely reported. Due to its importance, AQUASTAT has estimated the evaporation for all artificial lakes and reservoirs that are available in the geo-referenced dam database it maintains. This exercise is a very rough estimation,

  10. DuPont - Unionpedia, the concept map

    American entry into World War I. The American entry into World War I came in April 1917, after more than two and a half years of efforts by President Woodrow Wilson to keep the United States out of the war. New!!: DuPont and American entry into World War I · See more » American Liberty League

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