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  2. May 29, 2023 Monday Night RAW results; May 30, 2023 NXT results; May 31, 2023 AEW Dynamite results; June 1, 2023 iMPACT! results; June 2, 2023 Smackdown results

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  4. Female Wrestlers Weight Dataset - from heaviest to lightest (WWE and others) - the heaviest female wrestler is Nia Jax of Australia at 272lbs (123kg) and 6' 0 (183cm) tall. Ranked second, is Awesome Kong (Kia Stevens) of USA, at 272lbs (123kg) and 5'11 (180cm) tall, followed by Bertha Faye of Canada at 260lbs (118kg). Compare Nia Jax with Jazzy Gabert Female Wrestlers Weight Dataset ...

  5. Apr 1, 2010 · Someone mentioned in another post about wrestlers not appearing their billed heights. so I put together this list of real heights of wrestlers. This is without boots so add an inch for their height in the ring. Raw. The Big Show "7'0". Bret Hart 6'0". Carlito 5'9". Chavo Guerrero 5'7". Chris Masters 6'3".

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  7. George Napolitano / Getty Hulk Hogan Billed Height: 6’7″ Billed Weight: 303 lbs. People who know nothing about wrestling know a lot about Hulk Hogan. The most popular figure in sports entertainment history owes much of that notoriety to his physique—one of the all-time most massive.

  8. Posted by verrache Real height/weight of Wrestlers So as we all know, nearly every wrestler's height is exaggerated. E.g Shawn Michaels, Adam Cole and others. What do you think is the REAL height of some wrestlers or can you name any others that you think are much smaller/lighter than they are called? This thread is archived

  9. May 8, 2012 · After doing some research i think these are the real height of WWE wrestlers past and present Undertaker 6ft7 Kane 6ft7 1/2 Big Show 6ft11 Test 6ft4 1/2 Great Khali 7ft1 The Miz 6ft Kevin Nash 6ft9 John Cena 6ft 1/2 Randy Orton 6'3 1/2 Jack Swagger 6ft4 1/2 Booker T 6ft2 Billy Gunn 6ft3...

  10. Jan 10, 2019 · The Great Khali/Height Does WWE have a height requirement? You can be any height but if you’re looking to be in the main event spot as in Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar type guys, you have to be over 6 feet tall and weight at least 260 – 300 pounds and look like a bodybuilder as if you can kick somebody’s ass in a real fight.

  11. Feb 26, 2012 · HHH is also billed at 6'4, but he's clearly a couple of inches shorter than Orton and Edge and just taller than Cena, who's billed height of 6'1 seems to be legit. Save Like dxbender · #3 · Feb 26, 2012 I really don't get why WWE needs to make superstars seem bigger than they are.

  12. Video Log in and Add video Chyna on social media See → Similar celebrities Kim Kardashian TOP 100 #1 David Paul Olsen Weight: 181 lb / 82 kg Melania Trump Age: 53 Roman Reigns wrestler Charlie McDermott United States

  13. Peak Hulk Hogan = 270 pounds, The Rock = 240 pounds, Steve Austin = 230, Triple H = 230, Bret Hart = 200, Scott Hall/Razor Ramon = 270, Shawn Michaels = 190 pounds, Randy Savage = 190 pounds, Undertaker = 300 pounds, Bam Bam = 270 pounds, Kane = 300 pounds, Rikishi = 290 pounds, Omos = 320 pounds, Mark Henry = 330 pounds Great Khali = 320 pounds...

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