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  1. Korean migration to the Philippines increased in the early 2000s due to the tropical climate and low cost of living compared to South Korea, although this diaspora has declined since 2010; 370,000 Koreans visited the country in 2004 and roughly 46,000 Korean immigrants live there permanently.

  2. Korean diaspora. The terms gyopo or dongpo in Korean refer to persons of Korean ethnic descent who have lived the majority of their lives outside Korea or, simply, any Korean who lives outside Korea. As with most, if not all, ancient empires, Korea's history has been one of constantly fluctuating borders. For approximately 3200 years, from 2333 ...

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  3. The Korean Diaspora. Overall, the Korean diaspora is comprised of around 7 million people. This includes Korean-born emigrants as well as the descendants of emigrants. This total includes people from all parts of the Korean Peninsula, including the modern-day states of North Korea and South Korea. The Korean diaspora extends throughout the ...

  4. Korean Diaspora The Korean diaspora consists of around 7 million people, both descendants of early emigrants from the Korean Peninsula, as well as more recent émigrés from Korea. Over 70% of overseas Koreans live in just three countries: China, the United States and Japan.

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  5. Korean Diaspora Film. The Nam Center for Korean Studies' one-hour documentary The Unreliable People made its national debut in October 2006 at the Sackler Gallery at the Museum of Natural History, part of the Smithsonian Institute. Professor Meredith Jung-En Woo, the film's producer, along with Professor Y. David Chung created the documentary ...

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  7. As South Korea represented two-thirds of the entire population of the peninsula at the time of division, while North Korea represented one-third, one might simply split the Korean diaspora accordingly. If so, the South Korean diaspora would consist of some 4.6 million emigrants, as opposed to the North’s approximately 2.3 million, but the ...

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