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  1. The 20 Best Korean Movies of 2020. South Korea cinema had, by several accounts, a far better year than several other countries. It began the year well, with films like “ The Man Standing Next ” and “ Beasts Clawing at Straws ” releasing early on. But the onslaught of the Coronavirus pandemic in March forced cinemas to close down ...

  2. Top 10 South Korean Box Office Movies for 2020. 1. The Man Standing Next (2020) Error: please try again. In the 1970s Korea is under the absolute control of the president Park who controls the KCIA the organization with the edge over any branch of government. 2.

    • The Man Standing Next. Korean Title: 남산의 부장들 | Director: Woo Min-ho | Starring: Lee Byung-hun, Lee Sung-min, Kwak Do-won, Lee Hee-joon | Genre: Political, Historical, Drama.
    • Beasts Clawing at Straws. Korean Title: 지푸라기라도 잡고 싶은 짐승들 | Director: Kim Young-hoon | Starring: Jung Woo-sung, Jeon Do-yeon, Bae Sung-woo, Youn Yuh-jung, Jeong Man-sik, Shin Hyun-been | Genre: Crime, Thriller.
    • The Call. Korean Title: 콜 | Director: Lee Chung-hyun | Starring: Park Shin-hye, Jeon Jong-seo | Genre: Thriller, Horror, Mystery. Besides #Alive, Netflix snapped up another 2020 Korean movie starring Park Shin-hye: The Call.
    • Pawn. Korean Title: 담보 | Director: Kang Dae-gyu | Starring: Sung Dong-il, Ha Ji-won, Kim Hee-won | Genre: Drama. Those who enjoy tear-jerking human dramas should check out Pawn, a 2020 Korean film belonging to that subgenre.
  3. This drama tells the story of a family that is slowly starting to drift apart. Stars: Jin-young Jung, Mi-Kyung Won, Ja-Hyeon Chu, Yeri Han. Votes: 90. 13. The Flower of Evil (2020) 70 min | Crime, Mystery, Romance. 8.7. 0. Rate.

    • Moonlit Winter (Lim Dae-hyeong) “Moonlit Winter” may be one of the coldest looking films you’ll see in recent times, but there is no denying the warm and fuzzy feeling it’ll leave you with for days on end.
    • Voice of Silence (Hong Eui-jeong) In general, Hong’s feature presents some kind of intermediate sphere of society. Given their line of work, the two male protagonists are parts of the edges of society, but also represent the lowest step in the hierarchy of the underworld.
    • Paper Flower (Koh Hoon) Koh Hoon, like his previous films, wrote the script for “Paper Flower” himself and it is this script that ends up being the film’s real star.
    • Festival (Kim Lok-kyoung) Overall, “Festival” is an exemplar of a small-budget cinema. Instead of ambitiously overshooting his budgetary capacity (as many independent directors are wont to do), Kim Lok-kyoung did a fantastic job working with what was available to him; after all, this feature was only shot in sixteen days and indeed, recruited real villagers for his birthday party extras.
    • #Alive. #Alive is a 2020 South Korean zombie film directed by Cho Il-hyung. The rapid spread of an unknown infection has left an entire city in ungovernable chaos, but one survivor remains alive in isolation. ...
    • Hitman: Agent Jun. Hitman: Agent Jun is a 2020 South Korean action comedy film directed by Choi Won-sub. After faking his death to pursue his passion for creating comics, a legendary hitman agent (Kwon Sang-woo) accidentally uploads a comic based on his past life, and soon enough, he becomes a global target. ...
    • The Man Standing Next. The Man Standing Next is a 2020 South Korean political drama film directed by Woo Min-ho, based on the novel. When the former KCIA director (Kwak Do-won) starts spilling secrets about the government's illegal operations, the current director (Lee Byung-hun) tries to do everything in his power to protect President Park (Lee Sung-min). ...
    • The Call. The Call, also known as Call, is a 2020 South Korean thriller film directed by Lee Chung-hyun, based on the 2011 British and Puerto Rican film The Caller by Matthew Parkhill.
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    related to: korean movie 2020
  2. Check out 2020 Korean Movies on Find 2020 Korean Movies here

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