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    Keio's first synthesizer, the Korg miniKORG, was released in 1973. During the 1970s, Korg's synthesizer line was divided into instruments for the hobbyist, and large expensive patchable instruments such as the PS series. In the early '80s, Korg branched into digital pianos. M1 (1988)

  2. microKORG - Wikipedia

    The synthesizer is built in such a way that it is essentially a Korg MS-2000 with programmable step arpeggiator (MS-2000 has only six simple patterns), a less advanced vocoder (8 bands instead of 16 bands found on the MS-2000), lack of motion sequencing (MS-2000 had three motion sequences), lack of an XLR microphone input, and in a smaller case with fewer real-time control knobs.

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    : 63 In 1988, the Japanese manufacturer Korg released the M1, a digital synthesizer workstation featuring sampled transients and loops; with over 250,000 units sold, it remains the bestselling synthesizer in history.

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    The Korg OASYS is a workstation synthesizer released in early 2005, 1 year after the successful Korg Triton Extreme.Unlike the Triton series, the OASYS uses a custom Linux operating system that was designed to be arbitrarily expandable via software updates, with its functionality limited only by the PC-like hardware.

    • 2005–2009
    • 16
    • $8,000–$8,500
    • Korg
  6. Korg Trinity - Wikipedia

    The Korg Trinity is a synthesizer music workstation released by Korg in 1995. It was also the first workstation to offer modular expansion for not only sounds, but also studio-grade feature such as SCSI, ADAT, various sound engine processors, audio recording capability, and more.

  7. Korg adalah perusahaan pertama untuk fitur efek pada synthesizer, dan yang pertama untuk menggunakan desain suara "sampel + sintesis". Kibor workstation M1, yang dirilis pada tahun 1988, terjual lebih dari 250.000 unit, menjadikannya synthesizer terlaris yang pernah ada pada waktu itu.

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    En Korg-MS-20-Synthesizer En Synthesizer [ˈsɪnθəsaɪzɚ] is en Klangmaker, de dör en Stüerspannung (to’n Bispeel en Tasteninstrument) künstlich Töön tügen kann (Klangsynthees). Dat gifft en Ünnerscheed twüschen analoge un digitale Synthesizers.

  9. Synthesizers / Keyboards | KORG (USA)

    korg imono/poly. 4vco synthesizer. arp odyssei. duophonic synthesizer. korg iwavestation. wave sequence synthesizer. korg im1 for ipad. mobile music workstation.

  10. Moog synthesizer - Wikipedia

    The Moog synthesizer is a modular synthesizer developed by the American engineer Robert Moog.Moog debuted it in 1964, and Moog's company R. A. Moog Co. (later known as Moog Music) produced numerous models from 1965 to 1980.