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  1. Keytar - Wikipedia

    The keytar is a relatively lightweight synthesizer that is supported by a strap around the neck and shoulders, similar to the way a guitar is supported by a strap. Keytars allow players a greater range of movement onstage, compared to conventional keyboards, which are placed on stationary stands or which are part of heavy, floor-mounted structures.

  2. The Korg DW-8000 synthesizer was an eight-voice polyphonic hybrid digital-analog synthesizer 61-note keyboard instrument released in 1985. By the time of its launch Korg had already begun a common trend in 1980s synthesizer design: using numerical codes to access or change parameters with the Korg Poly-61, which was widely regarded as the company's first 'knobless' synthesizer.

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    Since 2000, Korg has concentrated mostly on the Electribe series of drum machines, bass synthesizers, and controller devices. One interesting produce is the Legacy Series, software emulations of Korg's early models. In addition to the software, Korg offers controller devices that actually resemble the synths that the software emulates.

  4. Korg — Wikipédia

    2005 - Korg OASYS (Open Architecture Synthesis Studio) 2005 - Korg TR (« Triton Le » remanié) 2006 - Korg R3; 2006 - Korg Radias (synthé/vocoder) 2007 - Korg M3; 2011 - Korg Kronos (music workstation intégrant 9 moteurs sonores) 2012 - Korg PA600 (nouveau modèle de la gamme PA, officiellement intermédiaire entre le PA500 et le PA800 ...

  5. Korg adalah perusahaan pertama untuk fitur efek pada synthesizer, dan yang pertama untuk menggunakan desain suara "sampel + sintesis". Kibor workstation M1, yang dirilis pada tahun 1988, terjual lebih dari 250.000 unit, menjadikannya synthesizer terlaris yang pernah ada pada waktu itu.

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    Korg Inc. (株式会社コルグ, Kabushiki-gaisha Korugu?) este o companie multinațională japoneză care produce și comercializează instrumente muzicale electronice precum: clape și orgi electronice, sintetizatoare, effecte și procesoare de sunet, echipament pentru înregistrat etc. Sub denumirea de Vox, Korg produce și comercializează chitare electrice și amplificatoare.

  7. Synthesizer - Wikipedia

    Een synthesizer is een elektronisch muziekinstrument dat klanken en geluiden kunstmatig (meestal elektronisch) opwekt. Met een synthesizer is het mogelijk het op te wekken geluid vergaand te beïnvloeden, zodat nieuwe, nog niet bestaande klanken gemaakt kunnen worden.

  8. Korg Kross 61 Synthesizer - Is It Worth It? (2020 Update)

    The Korg Kross 61 is a lesser known model by Korg, but many feel it is a very underrated product. My evaluation of this synthesizer is going to be quite similar to the MS20 mini review because in its respective price range, the Korg Kross is impressive. The instrument is very powerful, and for an entry level workstation it’s a great value ...

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    Đàn synthesizer (thường gọi tắt là "synthesizer" hay "synth", còn có thể viết là "synthesiser") là một nhạc cụ điện tử tạo ra tín hiệu điện, sau đó được chuyển đổi thành âm thanh thông qua amplifiers và loa hoặc tai nghe.

  10. Read More Terry Riley’s ‘A Rainbow in Curved Air’ On Accordion & Modular Synthesizer October 18, 2020 October 18, 2020 2 Comments Vector Synthesis Now Available For Korg Prologue, Minilogue XD & NTS-1