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  1. List of Korg products - Wikipedia

    2017Korg Kronos 2 Gold music workstation. 2017Korg Krome Platinum music workstation. 2017Korg Monologue – monophonic analog synthesizer. 2017Korg Grandstage – multiple engines stage piano. 2017Korg PA1000 – Arranger. 2017Korg PA700 – Arranger. 2018 – prologue - polyphonic analog synthesizer.

  2. Korg - Wikipedia

    Korg was the first company to feature effects on a synthesizer, and the first to use a "sample + synthesis" sound design. The M1 workstation, released in 1988, sold over 250,000 units, making it the bestselling synthesizer ever at that time.

  3. Synthesizer - Wikipedia

    In the 2010s, new, affordable analog synthesizers were introduced by companies including Moog, Korg, Arturia, and Dave Smith Instruments. The renewed interest is credited to the appeal of imperfect "organic" sounds and simpler interfaces, and to modern surface-mount technology making analog synthesizers cheaper and faster to manufacture.

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    May 31, 2018 · Korg M1 - backside connectors angled (2017-02-15 18.30.45 by deepsonic).jpg 2,048 × 1,152; 525 KB Korg M1 - frontside (2017-02-10 21.52.00 by deepsonic).jpg 2,048 × 933; 587 KB Korg M1 Organ 2 preset.ogg 14 s; 175 KB

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    korg imono/poly. 4vco synthesizer. arp odyssei. duophonic synthesizer. korg iwavestation. wave sequence synthesizer. korg im1 for ipad. mobile music workstation.

  7. The 10 Most Popular Synths Of 2017 – Synthtopia

    Dec 08, 2017 · Best-Selling Synthesizers Introduced In 2017. Reverb notes that some of these synths were introduced in 2016, but went on sale in 2017. Korg Monologue Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

  8. Korg adalah perusahaan pertama untuk fitur efek pada synthesizer, dan yang pertama untuk menggunakan desain suara "sampel + sintesis". Kibor workstation M1, yang dirilis pada tahun 1988, terjual lebih dari 250.000 unit, menjadikannya synthesizer terlaris yang pernah ada pada waktu itu.

  9. Korg KingKORG | Vintage Synth Explorer

    Korg has provided 18 different filter selections, modeling Moog, Oberheim, Prophet, MS-20 and TB-303 filters. These are provided in low, high, and band-pass arrangements. Also included are KingKORG's native filters in both 12 and 24 dB/oct variants.

  10. Korg Triton – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

    Korg Triton é uma estação de trabalho musical apresentando sampling digital criada pela Korg. Todos os Tritons usam o sistema de geração de síntese da Korg HI Synthesis. Elas estão disponíveis em vários modelos e vários configurações de atualização.

  11. Korg 01/W | Vintage Synth Explorer

    Korg 01/WFD. Korg's 01/W workstation synthesizer debuted in 1991 as the follow-up to the popular M1. The 01/W was the second chapter in Korg's workstation legacy, which goes on to this day with the Triton and Oasys series. The 01/W was geared towards beginning home studio enthusiasts that wanted to take a step further into a more professional ...