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  2. Wrocław - Wikipediaław

    2 days ago · In July 1997, the city was heavily effected by a flood of the River Oder, the worst flooding in post-war Poland, Germany, and the Czech Republic. About one-third of the area of the city was flooded. An earlier, equally devastating flood of the river took place in 1903. A small part of the city was also flooded during the flood of 2010.

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  3. Poland - RationalWiki

    Feb 18, 2021 · Poland is Europe's punching bag a country in Central Europe situated between the Baltic Sea in the north and the Sudetes and Carpathian mountain ranges in the south. Its largest city and its capital is Warsaw (Polish: Warszawa), but historically the capital of the Kingdom of Poland has been Krakow (Polish: Kraków), now the second largest city in Poland.

  4. Poland–Russia relations - Wikipedia–Russia_relations

    6 days ago · Poland–Russia relations (Polish: Stosunki polsko-rosyjskie, Russian: Российско-польские отношения) have a long but often turbulent history, dating to the late Middle Ages, when the Kingdom of Poland and Kievan Rus' and later Grand Duchy of Muscovy struggled over control of their borderlands.

  5. News | Sisters of Our Lady of Sion

    3 days ago · The last week of January, I spent in Poland in Podkarpacie Region (formerly Galicia and where I come from), where from the 27 of January, until 3 of February in 70 villages and towns various meetings and events took place to mark the Holocaust Memorial Day in Poland....

  6. Prussia - Wikipedia

    23 hours ago · Map of the current states of Germany that are completely or mostly situated inside the old borders of Imperial Germany's Kingdom of Prussia The areas east of the Oder-Neisse line , mainly Eastern Prussia, Western Prussia, and Silesia, were ceded over to Poland and the Soviet Union in 1945 due to the Treaty of Potsdam between three of the Allies ...

  7. Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia - WikipediaГалицько...

    2 days ago · Commerce developed due to trade routes linking the Black Sea with Poland, Germany, and the Baltic basin. Major cities, which served as important economic and cultural centers, included Lviv (where the royal seat would later be moved by Danylo's son), Vladimir-in-Volhynia, Galich, Kholm (Danylo's capital), Peremyshl, Drohiczyn, and Terebovlya.

  8. Global spread of the printing press - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · The global spread of the printing press began with the invention of the printing press with movable type by Johannes Gutenberg in Mainz, Germany c. 1439. Western printing technology was adopted in all world regions by the end of the 19th century, displacing the manuscript and block printing.

  9. Pogrom - WikipediaПогром

    2 days ago · The first pogrom in Nazi Germany was the Kristallnacht, often called Pogromnacht, in which at least 91 Jews were killed, a further 30,000 arrested and incarcerated in Nazi concentration camps, over 1,000 synagogues burned, and over 7,000 Jewish businesses destroyed or damaged.

  10. Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the Konin Basin ...

    5 days ago · We reconstruct palaeoenvironmental conditions during the formation of the first Mid-Polish Lignite Seam (MPLS-1) of the Konin Basin of central Poland,…

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