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  2. Kraków - Wikipediaów

    Kraków (/ ˈ k r æ k aʊ,-k oʊ /, also US: / ˈ k r eɪ k-, ˈ k r ɑː k aʊ /, UK: / ˈ k r æ k ɒ f /, Polish: ), written in English as Krakow and traditionally known as Cracow, is the second-largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland. Situated on the Vistula River in Lesser Poland Province, the city dates back to the 7th century.

  3. Contemporary Cracow is the capital of the Malopolska region, a major cultural and academic centre in Poland and an important European metropolis. It is one of the most recognisable Polish cities in the world and an important place on the tourist map of Europe with over 8 million visitors from Poland and abroad every year.

  4. Galicia (Eastern Europe) - Wikipedia

    Galicia became contested ground between Poland and Ruthenia from medieval times, and in the 20th century between Poland and Ukraine. In the 10th century, several cities were founded in Galicia, such as Volodymyr and Jaroslaw , whose names mark their connections with Grand Princes of Kyiv .

  5. Former eastern territories of Germany - Wikipedia

    The former eastern territories of Germany (German: Ehemalige deutsche Ostgebiete) are those provinces or regions east of the current eastern border of Germany (the Oder–Neisse line) which were lost by Germany after World War I and then World War II; having been parts of the German Empire from 1871, and previously, of Prussia and Austria.

  6. Polska - Wikimedia Commons
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    1. Wawel i Krakow 2. Warsaw Royal Castle i Warsaw 3. Malbork 4. Będzin 5. Bielsko-Biała 6. Książ 7. Pieskowa Skała 8. Lidzbark 9. Szczecin 10. Gniew 11. Krasiczyn 12. President castle in Wisła


    1. Branicki Palace, Białystok 2. Kamień Śląski Palace 3. Zamoyski Palace, Kozłówka 4. Potocki Palace, Łańcut 5. Moszna Palace 6. Nakło Palace 7. Radziwiłł Palace, Nieborów 8. Hunting palace in Promnice 9. Pszczyna Palace 10. Raczyński Palace, Rogalin 11. Wilanów Palace, Warsaw 12. Promnitz palace in Żary


    1. Baroque garden Branicki Park, Białystok 2. Rosarium in the Silesian Central Park, Chorzów 3. Arboretum in Kórnik 4. Renaissance garden Wawel, Kraków 5. Śląski Ogród Botaniczny, Mokre 6. Renaissance garden Pieskowa Skała, Ojców National Park 7. Baroque garden Raczyński Park, Rogalin 8. Neobarque garden Książ Castle, Wałbrzych 9. Romantic garden Lazienki Park, Warszawa 10. Saxon Garden in Warsaw 11. Botanical garden in Zabrze


    1. Cathedral Bielsko-Biała 2. Cathedral Białystok 3. Cathedral Frombork 4. Co-Cathedral Gdańsk 5. Cathedral Gliwice 6. Cathedral Katowice 7. Co-Cathedral Kołobrzeg 8. Wawel Cathedral Kraków 9. Cathedral Legnica 10. Cathedral Łowicz 11. Cathedral Oliwa 12. Cathedral Opole 13. Cathedral Pelplin 14. Cathedral Płock 15. Cathedral Poznań 16. Cathedral Sosnowiec 17. Cathedral Szczecin 18. Cathedral Warszawa 19. Cathedral Warszawa-Praga 20. Cathedral Włocławek 21. Cathedral Wrocław


    1. St. Mary Basilica, Stary Licheń 2. St. Mary Basilica, Gdansk 3. St. Mary Basilica, Chełm 4. Basilica in Katowice Panewniki 5. St. Mary Basilica, Kraków 6. Dominican Basilica, Lublin


    1. Fara, Poznan 2. St. Ludwig Church, Włodawa 3. St. Mary Church, Jarosław 4. Corpus Christi Church, Kraków 5. SS. Peter and Paul Church, Kraków 6. Virgin Mary church, Wrocław


    1. Omlet z kiełbasą 2. Vegetable salad 3. Rolada z ziemniakami w sosie 4. Buckwheat burgers 5. Kartacze 6. Golonka 7. Sweet pastry 8. Schlesisches Himmelreich 9. Wines 10. Polish breakfast 11. Schab po warszawsku 12. Pierogi 13. Babka 14. Makowce 15. Wędliny

    Events and Festivals/Wydarzenia i festiwale

    1. Baltic Sail, Gdańsk 2. Battle of Grunwald, Grunwald 3. Viking festival, Bielsko-Biała 4. Tournament, Gniew Castle 5. Events in Sanok 6. John Paul II Memorial Day Kraków

    Folklore by Regions/Folklor

    1. Folk costume of Podhale (Zakopane) 2. Folk Costume Kurpie 3. Folk Costume Kurpie 4. Folk Costume Pomerania 5. Folk Costume Masovia 6. Folk Costume Lesser Poland 7. Folk Costume Silesia 8. Folk Costume Silesia 9. Folk Costume Silesia 10. Folk Costume Silesia 11. Folk Costume Subcarpathia 12. Folk Costume Subcarpathia 13. Folk Costume Greater Poland

    Piast Dynasty/Dynastia Piastów

    1. Mieszko I 2. Boleslaus I the Brave 3. Henry I 4. Henry IV 5. Wladislaus I 6. Casimir III the Great

    Jagiellon Dynasty/Dynastia Jagiellonów

    1. Union of Krewno 2. Battle of Grunwald 3. Aleksander I 4. Battle of Orsha 5. Prussian Hommage 6. Kokosza War

    Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth/Unia Polsko-Litewska

    1. Union of Lublin 2. Warsaw Confederation 3. Battle of Kircholm 4. Battle of Vienna 5. Hussar Armour 6. 3. Mai Constitution of 1791


    1. Fields, Bartoszowice 2. Countryside, Toruń 3. Farmhouse, SN 4. Fields, Żelechów 5. Fields, Smolniki 6. Horses, Świnoujście


    1. Hydroelectric powerplant Żarnowiec 2. Quarry Liban, Kraków 3. Gold Mine Złoty Stok 4. Shipyard Gdańsk, Gdańsk 5. Powerplant Siekierki, Warsaw 6. Sawmill Nowa Huta, Kraków

    Shopping malls/Centra handlowe

    1. Galeria Dominikańska, Wrocław 2. Galeria Krakowska, Kraków 3. Manufaktura, Łódź 4. Silesia City Center, Katowice 5. Złote Tarasy, Warsaw 6. Blue City, Warsaw 7. Galeria Mokotów, Warsaw 8. Galeria Handlowa MM, Poznań


    1. Bristol, Warsaw 2. Europe, Warsaw 3. The Westin Warsaw 4. Grand Hotel, Sopot 5. Monopol, Katowice 6. Copernicus, Kraków


    1. Supraśl 2. King Chapel, Gdańsk 3. Wawel, Kraków 4. Zamość 5. Kazimierz Dolny 6. Royal Baths, Warsaw


    1. Ciechocinek-Zdrój 2. Busko-Zdrój 3. Świeradów-Zdrój 4. Lądek-Zdrój 5. Kudowa-Zdrój 6. Krynica-Zdrój

    Lotniska / Airports

    1. Fryderyk Chopin Airport, Warsaw 2. John Paul II Airport, Kraków 3. Nicolaus Copernicus Airport, Wrocław 4. Lech Wałęsa Airport, Gdańsk 5. Henryk Wieniawski Airport, Poznań 6. Pyrzowice Airport, Katowice

    Dworce kolejowe / Train stations

    1. Train Station Augustów 2. Train Station Bydgoszcz 3. Central Train Station Warsaw 4. Main Train Station Wrocław 5. Train Station Jarosław 6. Main Train Station Katowice 7. Main Train Station Kołobrzeg 8. Main Train Station Kraków 9. Train Station Oświęcim 10. Main Train Station Przemyśl 11. Main Train Station Gdańsk 12. Main Train Station Bielsko-Biała 13. Main Train Station Opole 14. Main Train Station Częstochowa 15. Main Train Station Lublin 16. Train Station in Sokółka 17. Train Statio...

    Drogi / Roads

    1. Ring road Bielawa 2. Interchange Sośnica 3. Roundabout Kraków 4. Highway A4, Kraków 5. Avenue Masuria

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  7. Poland–Russia relations - Wikipedia

    Poland–Russia relations (Polish: Stosunki polsko-rosyjskie, Russian: Российско-польские отношения) have a long but often turbulent history, dating to the late Middle Ages, when the Kingdom of Poland and Kievan Rus' and later Grand Duchy of Muscovy struggled over control of their borderlands.

  8. The IBM Link to Auschwitz | The Village Voice

    Oct 08, 2002 · Last March, the Voice broke exclusive new details of a special wartime subsidiary set up in Poland by IBM’s New York headquarters, shortly after Hitler’s 1939 invasion, to help Germany ...

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    PDF | The recent increase in urban areas has stimulated landscape urbanization. One of the ways to study this process is an analysis based on the... | Find, read and cite all the research you need ...

  10. 2020 H1 - Colliers

    and no liability for negligence is accepted in relation to, the forecasts, figures or conclusions contained in this report and they must not be relied on for investment or any other purposes. The outbreak of the Novel

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