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  1. Prussian Partition - Wikipedia › wiki › Prussian_Partition

    2 days ago · The Prussian Partition (Polish: Zabór pruski), or Prussian Poland, refers to the former territories of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth acquired during the Partitions of Poland, in the late 18th century by the Kingdom of Prussia.

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  3. Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia - Wikipedia › wiki › Kingdom_of_Galicia–Volhynia

    1 day ago · Roman was allied with Poland, signed a peace treaty with Hungary and developed diplomatic relations with the Byzantine Empire. At the height of his reign he briefly became the most powerful of the Rus princes. He married the niece of the Byzantine emperor Alexios III, for whom Galicia was the main military ally against the Cumans.

  4. Your Genealogy Adventures - The Giraffe Boards › showthread

    4 days ago · I had another distant relation in that family, a third cousin five times removed, who was prominent in government offices in the 1880's. In the US Senate, asst Postmaster General, and ambassador to Austria-Hungary.

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