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    Komeda was a Swedish pop/ indie band from Umeå. They were initially called Cosma Komeda, named in honour of composer Vladimir Cosma and jazz musician and composer Krzysztof Komeda. The band started in the mid-1980s as post-punk band influenced by bands such as Can, Devo, and The Velvet Underground, and by film soundtracks.

    • Lena Karlsson, Jonas Holmberg, Marcus Holmberg
    • Rock, Pop, Indie
    • 1991–present
    • Umeå, Sweden
  2. Krzysztof Komeda - Wikipedia

    Krzysztof Komeda (rođen kao Krzysztof Trzciński; 27. april 1931 – 23. april 1969) bio je poljski jazz pijanist i kompozitor, poznat kao jedan od najznačajnijih evropskih jazz muzičara svog romana, odnosno kao autor muzike za filmove svog prijatelja Romana Polanskog.

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  4. Juga pada 1969, Polański kehilangan seorang teman dan rekan kerjanya, Krzysztof Komeda (1931—1969). Komeda adalah seorang seniman jazz populer di Polandia ketika sang sutradara mendekatinya untuk membuat ilustrasi musik untuk sebuah film pendek. Sejak itu Komeda membuat hampir semua ilustrasi musik film cerita Planski, hingga suatu kali ia ...

    • sutradara, aktor, produser, penulis adegan
    • 1953 - sekarang
  5. 1969 in film - Wikipedia

    The year 1969 in film involved some significant events, with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid dominating the U.S. box office and becoming one of the highest-grossing films of all time and Midnight Cowboy, a film rated X, winning the Academy Award for Best Picture.

  6. Krzysztof Komeda - Topic - YouTube

    Krzysztof Komeda was a Polish film music composer and jazz pianist. Perhaps best known for his work in film scores, Komeda wrote the scores for Roman Polansk...

  7. 1969 - Krzysztof Komeda, Polish jazz pianist and composer (b. 1931) 1975 – William Hartnell, English actor (b. 1908) 1981 - Josep Pla, Catalan journalist and writer (b. 1897) 1981 - Stefano Bontade, Italian Mafia boss (b. 1939) 1983 – Buster Crabbe, American singer and actor (b. 1908) 1984 - Red Garland, American jazz pianist (b. 1923)

  8. Krzysztof Komeda | Diskographie | Discogs

    Polish jazz pianist and composer of film music, by profession a doctor of laryngology. Born: 27 April 1931 in Poznań, Poland. Died: 23 April 1969 in Warsaw, Poland (aged 37).

  9. Krzysztof Komeda interview 1967 (in Polish) - YouTube

    The interview has been emitted by Trójka Polskie Radio 23rd April 2019 on 50th Krzysztof Komeda death anniversary.Magdalena Konopka interviewed Krzysztof Kom...

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    ★ Polish jazz singers. Polish jazz has a history that spans periods of both acceptance and political repression. The beginning of jazz in Poland is difficult to determine.

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