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    What are the major cities in Kyushu?

    What is the climate of Kyushu?

    What is Kyushu distilled from?

    Why do Japanese people speak Kyushu?

  2. Kyushu - Wikitravel › en › Kyushu

    5 days ago · Northern Kyushu Area 3-day pass ¥8,500 5-day pass ¥10,000 All Kyushu Area 3-day pass ¥15,000 5-day pass ¥18,000 One JR pass, the San'yo-Shikoku-Kyushu Pass, is available in two versions like the Kyushu Rail Pass but also includes the bullet trains and main line west of Osaka. The version covering northern Kyushu costs ¥22640 for 5 ...

  3. Kamikaze - Wikipedia › wiki › Kamikaze

    6 days ago · Kamikaze (神風, Japanese pronunciation: [kamiꜜkaze]; "divine wind" or "spirit wind"), officially Kamikaze/Shinpū Tokubetsu Kōgekitai (神風特別攻撃隊, "Divine Wind Special Attack Unit"), were a part of the Japanese Special Attack Units of military aviators who flew suicide attacks for the Empire of Japan against Allied naval vessels in the closing stages of the Pacific campaign of ...

  4. Honshu - Wikipedia › wiki › Honshu

    5 days ago · Honshu (本州, Honshū, pronounced [hoꜜɰ̃ɕɯː] (); lit. "main province"), historically called Hondo (本土, mainland), is the largest and most populous main island of Japan.

    • 227,960 km² (88,020 sq mi)
    • East Asia
    • 7th
    • 104,000,000 (2017 estimate)
  5. Fukuoka - Wikitravel › en › Fukuoka

    Feb 26, 2021 · Fukuoka (福岡) is the capital of Fukuoka prefecture and the largest city on the island of Kyushu.. Understand []. Fukuoka is a modern city; most of its buildings are new. Historically, it was divided by the central river into two separate cities, Hakata (博多) and Fukuoka (福岡), before their merge in

  6. Saga - Wikitravel › en › Saga

    5 days ago · Koga Bank was one of Kyushu's largest and this impressive brick building was made in 1906, yet the bank fell victim to the Great Depression in the 1930s. Hasuike Park - A quiet and tranquil par that was the former site of Hasuke Castle. Near the end of March it also is a beautiful cherry blossom spot.

  7. JNTO - Official Tourism Guide for Japan Travel › en › us

    3 days ago · The southern island of Kyushu is home to hot springs, rugged geography, undeveloped beaches and volcanoes ranging from sleepy to smoky The southern island of Kyushu is home to hot springs, rugged geography, undeveloped beaches and volcanoes ranging from sleepy to smoky

  8. ONE PIECE - Wikipedia › wiki › ONE_PIECE

    4 days ago · ONE PIECE picture book ルフィの大冒険 『ONE PIECE magazine』Vol.4からVol.6まで連載され、後に書籍化された。著者はトキタシオン。 尾田栄一郎(原作)・トキタシオン(絵本) 『ONE PIECE picture book ルフィの大冒険』 集英社、2019年12月26日発売、 ISBN 978-4-08-780895-7

  9. Milotic (Pokémon) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon ... › wiki › Milotic_(Pokémon)
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    Milotic is an aquatic, serpentine Pokémon with a primarily cream-colored body. It has red eyes with long, pinkish antennae above them. Additionally, there are long, hair-like fins above its eyes, which begin thin and thicken towards the tips. These eyebrows extend to almost half of Milotic's body length, and will be longer on the female than the male. On top of its relatively small head is a straight spike. Running down either side of its neck are three black dots, similar to gills. Its lower...

    Milotic debuted in Win, Lose or Drew!, under the ownership of Robert. Robert used Milotic again for the Hoenn Grand Festival, where the Tender Pokémon helped him to fulfill his goal of becoming a Top Coordinator.A Milotic debuted in The Great Eight Fate!, under the ownership of Juan. It was used against Ash for their Gym battle in the following episode, being his strongest and last Pokémon. Milotic was able to defeat Swellow with a combination of Hydro Pump and Twister before losing to Pikach...

    Ruby's Feebas evolved into Milotic in It All Ends Now VII, after Ruby declared that she had inner beauty.In Moving Past Milotic, Emerald encountered a wild Milotic in the 21st room of the Battle Pike but he simply ran away from it due to the fact that it was a wild Pokémon. Pike Queen Lucy sends out her Milotic against Emerald's Starmie later in the chapter.Cynthia has a Milotic that was first used against Cyrus in the Team Galactic HQ. It first appeared in Shunning Spiritomb.A Milotic appear...

    1. In the official Prima Strategy Guide for Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, Milotic's Ability was mistakenly listed as Torrent. 2. Milotic seems to be a counterpart of Gyarados. Both are the serpentine evolved forms of weak fish Pokémon, and both appear in times of conflict, Milotic to calm, Gyarados to destroy. Both have base stat totals of 540, sharing the same HP, Defense, and Speed stats with Attack, Special Attack and Special Defense stats sharing the same values but in a different arrangeme...

  10. 8.CE.40 8 : PHOSPHATES, ARSENATES, VANADATES C : Phosphates without additional anions, with H 2 O E : With only medium-sized cations, RO 4:H 2 O about 1:2.5

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