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  1. Angel (Lady and the Tramp) | Disney Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Angel_(Lady_and_the_Tramp)
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    Angel has a kind and confident personality. She is the nicest of the Junkyard Dogs and treated as if she was Buster, the self-proclaimed leader's, girlfriend but she constantly denies this. She is attracted to Scamp straight away and gives him the affectionate nickname, Tenderfoot, just like Scamp's father, Tramp, gave Ladythe nickname, Pidge in the original. Angel warns Scamp about the dangers of being in the Junkyard Dogs and confides in him her own insecurities and sad past, being that she...

    Angel once lived with five families that all gave her up because they either moved, had a baby or an allergy. She decided to live a wild life at the junkyard and found Buster and the Junkyard Dogs, and although she never really took them as a family, she had no choice since she had nobody else. She first appears with the Junkyard Dogs chasing and teasing the dogcatcher and she sees Scamp and playfully nuzzles his nose. After Scamp finds her, he takes her as a friend at first, but throughout t...

    Angel's singing voice is provided by Susan Egan who also provided the voice of Megara in Hercules, which is fitting, since Angel and Megara both have a sarcastic and funny personality. Coincidental...
    Angel and Scamp are both mixed-breed dogs, unlike their predecessors, Lady and Tramp. And unlike the last movie, the roles were switched. The female dog (Angel) was the street dog while the male do...
    The scene where Angel and Scamp have a spaghetti dinner is a direct reference of Lady and Tramp's dining scene.
    For an unknown reason, Angel's left ear is folded. This may be because she is a mutt.
  2. Lady and the Tramp + Lady and the Tramp 2 (Scamp's Adventure) › Lady-Tramp-Scamps-Adventure › dp

    lady and the tramp 2: scamp's adventure Now unleashed in high definition for the first time ever on Blu-ray, Disney's classic adventure continues with a new generation of hilarious canine characters! Lady and Tramp's mischievous pup Scamp is always in the doghouse, and an itch for freedom is sending him on the ultimate adventure!

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  3. Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure [Blu-ray ... › Lady-Tramp-Scamps-Adventure-Blu

    Another great Disney movie in the sequel to Lady and the Tramp. This movie focuses on the adventures of Scamp (Lady and Tramp's puppy) and features lots of characters from the original movie. Perfect movie for children- you can't go wrong with Disney! Great price, fast delivery and great picture quality.

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  5. Lady And The Tramp 2: Scamp’s Adventure Movie Review for Parents › movie-reviews › lady-and-the

    Feb 26, 2001 · Lady And The Tramp 2: Scamp’s Adventure is rated G by the MPAA. Overall: B- The depictions of rebellious attitudes, succumbing to peer pressure, seeking satisfaction from revenge and a multitude of cartoon style violent acts, clutter a story intending to teach the value of rules and the security of love and family.

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  7. Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure (DorothyxScarecrow ... › wiki › Lady_and_the_Tramp_2

    Lady - Dorothy Gale (The Wizard of Oz) Tramp - The Scarecrow (The Wizard of Oz) Scamp - Kenai (Bear) (Brother Bear) Angel - Nita (Human) (Brother Bear 2) Add a photo to this gallery

  8. Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure - Disney Wiki › wiki › Lady_and_the_Tramp_II
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    On July 2, 1911, two days before the Fourth of July, Lady, Tramp, and their four puppies return from a walk in the park. Among them is Scamp, the wildest and troublesome (the only boy). He and two-year-old Jim Jr. start playing with Jim Dear's hat. Jim Dear then gives him a bath for his misbehavior, but to his dismay, he jumps out the window to fetch a ball thrown by Jim Jr. He runs back in with his paws all muddy, and he chases the ball around the living room and makes a mess. This makes Jim Dear furious, and he chains him to a doghouse outside as punishment. Lady and Tramp are unhappy about his behavior, and Lady suggests that Tramp should talk to Scamp to try and calm him down. Tramp goes outside with a bowl of food for him, but he refuses to eat. Tramp tries to make him understand that in a family there are rules for the good of them, but he rebels about being a wild dog and an argument ensues between father and son, and Tramp then leaves angered and irritated after giving Sca...

    Joanna Romersa, an animation timing director for this film, was a Disney Trainee for the production of the original one, invited by Jeannine and Darrell to work on this film.

    Many of the original characters make a return, including Tony and Joe from Tony's Restaurant. But since it has been nearly five decades had passed since the original Disney film, all the characters have been recast with new voice actors in this film. 1. Scamp, or "Whirlwind" by the way Tramp calls him, (Scott Wolf (speaking) and Roger Bart (singing)), is the young protagonist of the film and bears a strong resemblance to his father. He starts out as a frisky, yet stubborn and selfish puppy and he wants to be a wild dog, but in the end, he returns changed and well-behaved, especially after seeing how much his family missed him and for being forced to steal their chicken. He is half American Cocker Spanielfrom Lady's side of the family. He is the only puppy known to be a mutt, as well as the only male pup. His romantic interest, Angel, calls him Tenderfoot. 2. Angel, (Alyssa Milano (speaking) and Susan Egan(singing)), is the deuteragonist, Scamp's sweetheart and a Junkyard Dog who was...

    The film was released on VHS and DVD on February 27, 2001, and was re-released again on VHS (rare) and DVD on June 20, 2006 along with Lady and the Tramp: Platinum EditionDVD. It was re-released again this year as a Special Editionfor the first time in high definition on Blu-ray on August 21, 2012.

    The score was composed by Danny Troob. The songs were written by Melissa Manchester and Norman Gimbel.

    This is the second Disney film to have Roger Bart and Susan Egan as the singing voices of the love interests, the first one being Hercules. Bart is the singing voice of Scamp and Hercules and Egan...
    Two of the actors, in this film, previous worked on Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Jodi Benson, the voice of Lady, was the original voice of Ariel and Alyssa Milano, the voice of Angel, served as a...
    The dogcatcher's wagon that injured Trustyin the first film is seen on top of one of the trash piles in the junkyard.
    The film has similarities to The Lion King. Both Scamp and Simba run away, they both meet friends (Timon and Pumbaa for Simba; Junkyard Dogs for Scamp, excluding Buster and Reggie), and they both f...
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    Lady and the Tramp: Scamp's Adventure No copyright intent

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