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  1. Mar 18, 2021 · Sixteen states and the District of Columbia are categorized as single landlocked states. Arizona, in the Southwestern region, is bordered by Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, California, and the Mexican states of Baja California and Sonora.

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  2. Mar 02, 2022 · All Landlocked States are in the Contiguous United States There are 27 states that are considered landlocked. 21 of these states are landlocked with no access to any large body of water. Six of these landlocked states front the Great Lakes. All of these states are in the contiguous United States. Six Landlocked States Are Along the Great Lakes

  3. Aug 01, 2021 · There are 16 singly landlocked states of the US. Below is a list of these states followed by a list of 10 doubly landlocked states and a triply landlocked state in the country. At the end of the page is the map of the United States that will help you have a view of how the 50 states are placed with respect to each other.

  4. 1 Arizona 2 Arkansas 3 Colorado 4 Idaho ADVERTISEMENT 5 Illinois 6 Indiana 7 Iowa 8 Kansas 9 Kentucky 10 Michigan 11 Minnesota 12 Missouri ADVERTISEMENT 13 Montana 14 Nebraska 15 Nevada 16 New Mexico 17 North Dakota 18 Ohio 19 Oklahoma 20 Pennsylvania ADVERTISEMENT 21 South Dakota 22 Tennessee 23 Utah 24 Vermont 25 Washington, D.C. 26 West Virginia

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    The 16 singly landlocked states, and the District of Columbia, with routes to their nearest ocean, gulf, or bay: 1. Arizona – California to the Pacific Ocean or Sonorato the Gulf of California 2. Arkansas – Louisiana, Texas , or Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico, which is part of the Atlantic Ocean 3. District of Columbia – Virginia or Maryland to ...

    The 10 doubly landlocked states, with routes to their nearest ocean, gulf, or bay: 1. Colorado – New Mexico or Oklahoma, then Texas to the Gulf of Mexico; or, Arizona then California to the Pacific Ocean or Sonora to the Gulf of California 2. Illinois – Michigan (water boundary) then Ontario to James Bay or, Kentucky then Virginia to the Atlantic O...

    Nebraska is the only triply landlocked state.To reach an ocean, gulf, or bay from Nebraska, one must travel through at least three states, such as through Missouri, Tennessee, and North Carolina to reach the Atlantic Ocean, through Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon to reach the Pacific, or through Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas to reach the Gulf of Mexico. A...

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