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    Landtag of Bavaria • Minister ... In New York City the German American Cultural Society is a larger umbrella group for others which represent a specific part of ...

    • 70,550.19 km² (27,239.58 sq mi)
    • Germany
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    The People's State of Bavaria (German: Volksstaat Bayern) was a short-lived socialist state in Bavaria from 1918 to 1919. The People's State of Bavaria was established on 8 November 1918 during the German Revolution, as an attempt at a socialist state to replace the Kingdom of Bavaria within the Weimar Republic.

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    Minister-President of Bavaria, 1993–2007. In May 1993, the Landtag of Bavaria, the state's parliament, elected Stoiber as Minister-President succeeding Max Streibl. He came to power amid a political crisis involving a sex scandal, surrounding a contender for the state premiership.

    • Constanze, Veronica, Dominic
    • CSU
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    Bavaria has a unicameral Landtag, or state parliament, elected by universal suffrage. Until December 1999, there was also a Senat, or Senate, whose members were chosen by social and economic groups in Bavaria, but following a referendum in 1998, this institution was abolished.

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    • € 429,86 billion (2009)
    • DE2
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    Ludwig III (Ludwig Luitpold Josef Maria Aloys Alfried; 7 January 1845 – 18 October 1921) was the last king of Bavaria, reigning from 1913 to 1918.He served as regent and de facto head of state from 1912 to 1913, ruling for his cousin, Otto.

    • 5 November 1913 – 13 November 1918
    • Otto
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    Horst Lorenz Seehofer (born 4 July 1949) is a German politician serving as Minister of the Interior, Building and Community since 2018 under Chancellor Angela Merkel.A member of the Christian Social Union (CSU), he served as the 18th Minister President of Bavaria from 2008 to 2018 and Leader of the Christian Social Union in Bavaria from 2008 to 2019.

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    Barbara Rütting, 92, German actress (Doctor Sibelius, Town Without Pity, Turtledove General Delivery) and politician, member of the Landtag of Bavaria (2003–2009). [293] Thomas Schäfer , 54, German politician, Minister of Finance of Hesse (2010–2020), suicide by train.

  9. Deaths in May 2019 - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

    Fritz Schösser, 71, German politician, member of the Bavarian Senate (1992–1994), Landtag of Bavaria (1994–1998) and Bundestag (1998–2005). Edward Seaga, 89, Jamaican politician, Prime Minister (1980–1989), cancer.

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    An official residence is the house or home that a head of state or head of government lives in. . International organizations United Nations. 3 Sutton Place, Manhattan, New York City (residence of the Secretary-General of the United Nations)

  11. Early life. He studied law in Munich, Bavaria and took the first stage law exam in 1957. In 1958, he gained the title Dr.jur. (doctor of laws) and worked in the University of Munich until 1964, where he passed his second law exam.