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    Tai peoples in Cambodia include the Lao along the Mekong at the northeast border, Thai (urban and rural), and the culturally Burmese Kola, who have visibly influenced the culture of Pailin Province. Even smaller numbers of recent Hmong immigrants reside along the Lao border and various Burmese peoples have immigrated to the capital, Phnom Penh.

    • 22.5 births/1,000 population, (2018 est.)
    • 1.63% (2014)
    • 6.0 deaths/1,000 population, (2018 est.)
    • 16,249,792 (2018 est.)
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    Cambodia has a bad but improving performance in the global Environmental Performance Index (EPI) with an overall ranking of 146 out of 180 countries in 2016. This is among the worst in the Southeast Asian region, only ahead of Laos and Myanmar.

  3. Cambodia or Kampuchea (officially called Kingdom of Cambodia) is a country in Southeast Asia. It is near Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. About 13 million people live in Cambodia. The people of Cambodia are called Cambodians or Kampuchea. Khmer is the official language. The country has recently emerged from a long civil war and the rule of the ...

    • French, English
    • Khmer
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    Although there was a constant economic growth, this growth translated to only about 0.71% for the ASEAN economy in 2016, compared with her neighbor Indonesia, which contributed 37.62%. [21] After four years of improving economic performance, Cambodia's economy slowed in 1997–1998 due to the regional economic crisis, civil unrest, and ...

    • Calendar year
    • Riel (KHR, ៛)
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  7. Official languages Capital: Khmer Phnom Penh: Area Government: ... Cambodia is a country in south eastern Asia. ... This page was last edited on 8 August 2016, at 15 ...

  8. About: Khaonh language

    Khaonh is a Bahnaric language of northeastern Cambodia. It is closely related to Mel. Kraol, Thmon, Khaonh, and Mel all have about 70% lexical similarity with Stieng, a Southern Bahnaric language (Barr & Pawley 2013:32).

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    The tube zither is a stringed musical instrument in which a tube functions both as an instrument's neck and its soundbox.As the neck, it holds strings taught and allows them to vibrate.

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