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  1. List of counties in Florida - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_counties_in_Florida

    The average population of Florida's counties is 280,616; Miami-Dade County is the most populous (2,662,874) and Liberty County is the least (8,365). The average land area is 805 sq mi (2,085 km 2). The largest county is Palm Beach County (2,034 sq mi, 5,268 km 2) and the smallest is Union County (240 sq mi, 622 km 2).

  2. 10 Largest Counties In Florida › study › 10-largest-counties

    List of counties in Florida - Wikipedia. Education Details: 68 rows · The average population of Florida's counties is 280,616; Miami-Dade County is the most populous (2,662,874) and Liberty County is the least (8,365).

  3. What are the top five largest counties in Florida? - The Biggest › nature › what-are-the-top-five

    Rank County Population 1 Miami-Dade County 2,699,428 2 Broward County 1,926,205 3 Palm Beach County 1,465,027 4 Hillsborough County 1,422,278 What is the largest county in Florida by...

  4. What are the three biggest counties in Florida? - The Biggest › nature › what-are-the-three

    Miami-Dade with 2,700,794 residents is Florida’s most populous county; followed by Broward, Palm Beach, Hillsborough, and Orange counties. What are the 3 largest counties in Florida? Looking for a list of cities, counties or zips in Florida?

  5. What is the biggest county in florida › florida › what-is-the-biggest

    Is Polk County the largest county in Florida? Big. By land, Polk County is larger than the state of Rhode Island and equal in size to Delaware. The total area of the county is approximately 2,010 square miles, which makes it the fourth largest county in Florida . What is the fastest growing county in Florida? Sumter County

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  7. What are the 5 largest counties by area in the state of ... › Q › What_are_the_5_largest

    Jan 03, 2008 · The 5 largest counties by total area (both land and water) are: Monroe County 3737.50 997.30 2740.20 2. Miami-Dade 2429.60 1944.50 485.10 3. Collier 2305.10 2025.50 279.60 5.

  8. What are the 10 largest counties in the state of Florida ... › Q › What_are_the_10_largest

    Jul 16, 2008 · The ten largest counties in North Carolina are as follow: 1. Charlotte (Mecklenburg county). 751,999 2. Raleigh (Durham & Wake counties). 412,311 3.

  9. BREAKING: Now Florida - State Representative Sabatini Calls ... › 2021 › 07

    1 day ago · Now Florida – State Representative Anthony Sabatini calls for a forensic audit of the five largest counties in Florida. More good news. Now is the time to clean up the election process in America. If this is not done, we will no longer have real bonafide elections in the US. Today, representative Anthony Sabatini called…

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