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      • For the 12th consecutive year, Cargill is America’s largest private company, despite a slight drop of $1.2 billion in revenues to $113.5 billion in fiscal year 2019. The Minneapolis-based agribusiness has only missed the number one ranking twice in the 35 years Forbes has published this list.
  1. Dec 1, 2022 · Forbes has been tracking America’s largest private companies since 1985. This year’s list, with 246 entrants,is the largest since 2008, when the cutoff to qualify was $1 billion in sales.

  2. This is a list of the world's largest non- governmental privately held companies by revenue . This list does not include state-owned enterprises like Sinopec, State Grid, China National Petroleum, Saudi Aramco, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, Pemex, PDVSA and others. These corporations have revenues of at least US$ 10 billion.

    Revenue (in Billions Of Usd)
    279 (2021) [1]
    134.4 (2020) [2]
    231.3 (2021) [3] [4]
    Singapore France
    98.7 (2021) [5] [6]
  3. Jan 23, 2023 · Some of the largest privately held companies in America have managed to stay private for decades, and grow to sizes that rival giants like Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL ), Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ ...

  4. Nov 23, 2021 · The deal, reportedly $34 billion, closed in October. Medline remains a private company and is ranked No.16 with revenues of $17.5 billion. Food retailers fared well with 16 of 19 supermarket firms ...

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    • Cargill. Revenue: $114.7 billion. Number of Employees: 155,000. Headquarters Location: Minnesota, USA. Main Industry: Food, Drink & Tobacco. Source:
    • Koch Industries. Revenue: $110 billion. Number of Employees: 120,000. Headquarters Location: Kansas, USA. Main Industry: Resources and Commodities. Source:
    • Albertsons. Revenue: $59.9 billion. Number of Employees: 275,000. Headquarters Location: Idaho, USA. Main Industry: Food Markets. Source: Albertsons has done its best to stand out from its competition since its beginnings in 1939 when it provided customers with an unusually large shopping space and filled its stores with lots of employees and a wide variety of goods.
    • Deloitte. Revenue: $43.2 billion. Number of Employees: 263,900. Headquarters Location: London, United Kingdom. Main Industry: Business Services & Supplies. Source:
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