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    Larisa ditëve tona ka rreth 132.779 banorë dhe më këtë ajo është qyteti më popullsi më të madhe në Thesali, dhe e shtata qender komunale në tërë Greqinë. Sipas emrit "Larisa" është emëruar asteoridi me numër 1162 - identifikues për profesionistët.

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    Larissa (/ l ə ˈ r ɪ s ə /; Greek: Λάρισα, Lárisa, ) is the capital and largest city of the Thessaly region in Greece. It is the fifth-most populous city in Greece with a population of 144,651 according to the 2011 census (181,713 est. 2018).

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    Larissa F.C. ka fituar nje titull kampion dhe dy kupa greke (1985,2007). Stadiumi i Larissa F.C. është Alkazar, prej 1964 dhe përbanë 13,108 vendë. Stadiumi i ri të Larissa F.C. do jet AEL Arena nga 2009, qe do përbaj 21,000 vendë. Ngjyrat ë skuadrës janë ë bardhë dhe ë vishinj. Sponsorët të skuadrës janë On Telecoms dhe Adidas.

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    Larissa ( Greek: Λάρισσα) is the capital city of the Thessaly periphery of Greece, and capital of the Larissa Prefecture. Larissa is found in the north of the Thessaly plain near at the foot of the mountain Olympus. Its population is 131,496 inhabitants. Larissa is crossed by Pineios river. The most interest sight in Larissa is the ...

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    Larissa (/ ləˈrɪsə /; Greek: Λάρισα, Lárisa, [ˈlarisa]) is the capital and largest city of the Thessaly region in Greece. It is the fifth-most populous city in Greece with a population of 144,651 according to the 2011 census (181,713 est. 2018).

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    Aris Larissa were runners-up in the inaugural 1960-61 league and finished third in their last season in 1963-64 before they merged with Iraklis Larissa, Larisaikos F.C. and Toxotis Larissa. They played in Greek second division in 1961 but they were finished at the bottom of the table.

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    There are a number of highways including E75 and the main railway from Athens to Thessaloniki (Salonika) crossing through Thessaly. The region is directly linked to the rest of Europe through the International Airport of Central Greece located in Nea Anchialos a short distance from Larissa (about 60 km). Larissa lies on the river Pineios. The municipality Larissa has an area of 335.98 km2 (129.72 sq mi), the municipal unit Larissa has an area of 122.586 km2 (47.331 sq mi), and the community Larissa has an area of 88.167 km2(34.041 sq mi). The Larissa Chasma, a deep gash in the surface of Dione, a natural satellite of Saturn, was named after Larissa.

    The climate of Larissa is cool semi-arid (Köppen: BSk) but it is close to a hot summer Mediterranean climate (Csa).The winter is fairly mild, and some snowstorms may occur. The summer is particularly hot, and temperatures of 40 °C (104 °F) may occur. Thunderstorms or heavy rain may cause agricultural damage. Larissa receives 413 mm (16 in) of rain per year.

    According to Greek mythology it is said that the city was founded by Acrisius, who was killed accidentally by his grandson, Perseus. There lived Peleus, the hero beloved by the gods, and his son Achilles. In mythology, the nymph Larissa was a daughter of the primordial man Pelasgus. The city of Larissa is mentioned in Book II of Iliad by Homer: Hippothous led the tribes of Pelasgian spearsmen, who dwelt in fertile Larissa- Hippothous, and Pylaeus of the race of Mars, two sons of the Pelasgian Lethus, son of Teutamus. In this paragraph, Homer shows that the Pelasgians, Trojan allies, used to live in the city of Larissa. It is likely that this city of Larissa was different to the city that was the birthplace of Achilles. The Larissa that features as a Trojan ally in the Iliad was likely to be located in the Troad, on the other side of the Aegean Sea.


    Traces of Paleolithic human settlement have been recovered from the area, but it was peripheral to areas of advanced culture. The area around Larissa was extremely fruitful; it was agriculturally important and in antiquitywas known for its horses. The name Larissa (Λάρισα Lárīsa) is in origin a Pelasgian word for "fortress".[citation needed] There were many ancient Greek cities with this name. The name of Thessalian Larissa is first recorded in connection with the aristocratic Aleuadai family...

    Middle Ages and Ottoman period

    Larissa was sacked by the Ostrogoths in the late 5th century, and rebuilt under the Byzantine emperor Justinian I. In the 8th century, the city became the metropolis of the theme of Hellas. The city was captured in 986 by Tsar Samuel of Bulgaria, who carried off the relics of its patron saint, Saint Achilleios, to Prespa. It was again unsuccessfully besieged by the Italo-Normans under Bohemond Iin 1082/3. After the Fourth Crusade, the King of Thessalonica, Boniface of Montferrat, gave the cit...

    Modern Greek era

    In 1881, the city, along with the rest of Thessaly, was incorporated into the Kingdom of Greece during the prime ministry of Alexandros Koumoundouros. On 31 August 1881 a unit of the Greek Army headed by General Skarlatos Soutsosentered the city. A considerable portion of the Turkish population emigrated into the Ottoman Empire at that point. In this new era the city starts gradually to expand and to be rebuilt by the Greek authorities. During the Greco-Turkish War of 1897, the city was the h...

    Christianity penetrated early to Larissa, though its first bishop is recorded only in 325 at the Council of Nicaea. St. Achillius of the 4th century, is celebrated for his miracles. Le Quien cites twenty-nine bishops from the fourth to the 18th centuries; the most famous is Jeremias II, who occupied the see until 733, when the Emperor Leo III the Isaurian transferred it from the jurisdiction of the Pope of Rome to the Patriarchate of Constantinople. In the first years of the 10th century it had ten suffragan sees; subsequently the number increased and about the year 1175 under the Emperor Manuel I Comnenus, it reached twenty-eight. At the close of the 15th century, under the Ottoman domination, there were only ten suffragan sees,which gradually grew less and finally disappeared. Larissa is an Orthodox Metropolis of the Church of Greece. It was also briefly a Latin archbishopric in the early 13th century, and remains a Latin Metropolitan (top-ranking) titular see of the Roman Catholi...

    The municipality Larissa was formed at the 2011 local government reform by the merger of the following 3 former municipalities, that became municipal units: 1. Giannouli 2. Koilada 3. Larissa

    Larissa is a major agricultural center of Greece, due to the plain of Thessaly. In manufacturing sector, Larissa is among others home to Biokarpet carpet company (whose owners were also major shareholders of AEL FC in the past) and Orient Bikes. It comes also in first place with the highest percentage of bars-taverns-restaurants per capita in Greece. Mikel Coffee Company and Bruno Coffee Storeschains started and have also their base in the city.

    Theatres and Odeons

    1. Municipal Conservatory of Larissa 2. Pappas's Mile Theatre 3. Municipal Theatre OUHL of Larissa(Thessalian Theatre) 4. Hatzigianeio Cultural Centre 5. Tiritomba Shadows Theatre


    1. Second Ancient Theatre 2. Cenotaph monument of Hippocrates 3. Frourio Hill 3.1. First Ancient Theatre 3.2. Basilica of St. Achillios 3.3. Bezesten of Larissa 4. Yeni Mosque(a rare example of mosque built in neoclassical style) 5. Alkazar Park Some historical buildings that have been listed as architecturally preserved, include the Cine Palace (architect Colonello), the Charokopos tower (arch. Anastasios Metaxas, endangered to collapse as 2019), the old Mills of Pappas, such as the complex...


    Local specialities: 1. Batzina(Μπατζίνα) pie baked in the oven 2. Kelaidi(Κελαηδί) 3. Pita (Πίτα, traditional pies with pasta phyllo, baked in the oven) like Kreatopita, Loukanikopita, Melintzanopita, Tyropita, Spanakopita 4. Plastós(Πλαστός) pie 5. Lahanópsomo(Λαχανόψωμο) cabbage bread 6. Halvas(Χαλβάς) sweet

    Larissa sits in the middle of the plain of Thessaly, with connections to Motorway A1 and national roads EO3 and EO6. 1. Larissa's Urban Bus System 2. Larissa's Interurban System (Ktel Larissas) 3. Larissa Central Railway Station Station at 39°37′46″N 22°25′22.2″E / 39.62944°N 22.422833°E / 39.62944; 22.422833 (Larissa Central Railway Station) 4. Mezourlo Freight Railway station at 39°37′08″N 22°24′30″E / 39.61889°N 22.40833°E / 39.61889; 22.40833 (Mezourlo Freight Railway station) 5. Larissa National Airport(military)

    The city is in close proximity of many interesting destinations in the region (Mount Olympus, Mount Kissavos, Meteora, Lake Plastira, Pilio, etc.) suitable for daily trips.

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    Larissa (/ ləˈrɪsə /; Greek: Λάρισα, Lárisa, [ˈlarisa]) is the capital and largest city of the Thessaly region in Greece. It is the fifth-most populous city in Greece with a population of 144,651 according to the 2011 census (181,713 est. 2018). It is also capital of the Larissa regional unit.

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    AEL was created from a vision of a powerful team that will represent a city like Larisa in the top category. The 17 May 1964, is referred to as the exact date of its establishment, and then—after a barrage of meetings and discussions held at the Municipal Conservatory of Larissa and a catalytic last meeting of the local county clubs—it was decided the merger of Iraklis Larissa, "Aris ...

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