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  1. Two Over One Game Forcing Part 1 (Introduction) - Larry Cohen › bridge-learning-center › detail

    TWO-OVER-ONE GAME FORCING (2/1 GF) PART 1. Did any of you play bridge in the 1960's? You don't have to admit it. Back then, there was a move to switch from the STRONG TWO-BID to Weak-Two's. There was resistance at first, but eventually, everyone made the change. Now, we face the same situation with the move from "STANDARD" to "2/1 GF."

  2. Two-Over-One GF - Bridge Articles - Bridge with Larry Cohen › bridge-articles › two-over-one-gf

    The 2/1 Game Forcing system is really an outgrowth of Standard American and 5-card Majors and many of the methods and conventions employed are alike. There are more details—this mini-lesson is intended only as a brief overview of the principles. Also, more details are in "Larry Teaches 2/1 GF." A 2-over-1 game force is not alertable. The 1NT ...

  3. Larry Teaches 2/1 Game Forcing by Larry Cohen › book › show

    Larry Cohen describes the "Two Over One Game Forcing" System for Bridge Bidding. The 64-page (large) spiral workbook was a big hit and now it is available digitally. It takes the user from the beginning up and through all the basics of the system. There are numerous quizzes for the reader to test his understanding.

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  4. Larry Teaches 2/1 Game Forcing: Books › Larry-Teaches-Game-Forcing-Cohen

    Larry Teaches 2/1 Game Forcing ... Two over one is rapidly becoming the new standard bidding system for intermediate and advanced bridge players. ... This is a very ...

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  5. 2 Over 1 Game Force - Baron Barclay Bridge Supply › 2-over-1-game-force

    This book covers the basics of Two-Over-One Game Force, a popular variation of Standard American bidding methods. ... Larry Cohen Teaches 2/1. $14.95. Quick view Add ...

  6. Larry Cohen Teaches Bidding: 2 Over 1 Game Force Topics covered in this video: - What are the 2/1 GF Auctions? - Followups - Keeping it Simple - Fast Arrival -…

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  7. Larry Cohen Teaches 2/1 - Baron Barclay Bridge Supply › larry-cohen-teaches-2-1

    Larry Cohen's 64-page workbook simplifies the 2/1 GF system. Table of Contents Introduction; When is 2/1 GF in Effect; What Happens After the 2/1 GF Response; Other Responses to 1d,1h, and 1s; 2/1 GF Auctions: First Up, 2c; Openers Rebid After a 2c Response; Jumps By Opener; Bidding after a 2d or 2h Response; 2/1 GF Responses in a Minor Instead ...

  8. Improving the 2-over-1 Bridge Bidding System › 21improve
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    When I learned bridge, my aunt taught meold-fashioned Goren, which was played by most everyone in the casual games onmy college campus. Then I discovered duplicate and a host of"revolutionary" ideas -- limit raises, negative doubles, weak two-bids-- that were relatively simple improvements. The next big change was the 2-over-1 system, which gainedpopularity so fast that it became difficult to find a partner who wanted toplay any other system. That was fine with me, as I thought 2-over-1 was even easierto adopt than "duplicate standard". I soon learned that although the basic premise of2-over-1 is simple enough, the auctions can become quite complicated and some typesof hands are almost impossible to describe. Those flaws -- and the superiorityof standard methods -- were the focus of Frank Stewart's article in the May BridgeBulletin. Arguing the other side was Larry Cohen, who made the case that2-over-1 is the more accessible, effective choice for players of all skill levels. Whichev...

    Acommon misconception is that 2-over-1 has a universal set of clearly definedmeanings for early responses and rebids. It would be convenient if you couldsay "2-over-1?" to a new partner and be confident that you're playing thesame system, but you can't.

    Saving too much space

    Oneof the big benefits of 2-over-1 auctions is that neither partner has to jump to showforcing values. The bidding can stay low, allowing more room to exchangeinformation below game level and evaluate slam possibilities. Thatbenefit can become a pitfall if an auction has what Bridge Worldmagazine calls "two temporizers and zero describers". This happenswhen one or both partners are so intent on conserving space that they makeevery rebid at the lowest level possible, no matter what their stren...

    Overuse of the Forcing Notrump

    Many players dislike responding 2C to a 1S opening with ♠Q4 ♥AJ43 ♦A62 ♣Q764 , butthe alternative -- a Forcing Notrump -- can leave you with awkward choiceslater in the auction. Ifyou respond 1NT with this hand and partner rebids 2C, 2D or 2H, you have noforcing bid available. Your only option is a unilateral jump to game, whichprevents you from learning anything more about partner's hand. You'll also havetrouble communicating your strength if partner makes a jump shift or if the opponentsent...

    "Auto" cuebidding

    Some 2-over-1 auctions will be so efficient that you'llbe left with bidding space you don't need, and there's often a temptation tofill it just because it's there. Here's an auction that causes problems formany pairs: You Partner 1S 2C 2H 3H Youhold ♠KJ1082 ♥KJ85 ♦A72 ♣6 Partner’sraise to 3H is slow arrival, suggesting at least moderate extra values. Youhave room to make a "free" control cuebid on the way to game, so youcould try 4D, just in case partner was planning to head for 6H. Topartner...

    Many of the problems encountered by 2-over-1 pairs are caused by confusion about how to interpret system bids and make the best use of auction space. Other problems are inherent in the system itself. Not all are fixable, but many players have fine-tuned the structure with new treatments and gadgets that have proven effective. Here are some of the system's limitations and ideas for solutions.

  9. Two-Over-One Bidding System (Overview) › ocala › TwoOverOne

    Over a penalty double or 2over 1NT Systems ON Negative X = 10+ HCP 3 cards in un-bid Lebensohl OVER Interference (exception X=cards) Larry Cohen Super accept bids over 1NT -2♦/2♥ transfers are 3M= min with 4, 2NT =17 with 4/3 and 3m= 17 with doubleton – 2M-less than 4. Responses to 2♣* Opening Partner responses

  10. Two Over One, 2/1, Bridge System › Conventions › Two_Over_One

    Thus, the 2/1 system requires a bidding mechanism to describe responder hands that have “in-between” values: those holdings in the 10-12 point range. Recall that using Standard American bidding, responder could make a two over one bid showing invitational values – not so with the 2/1 system.

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