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  1. Ashby, Ashbie, etc. became less popular in 2018, falling -26 positions as boys' names with Ash falling the most. Place name. [Ashton, Ashbey, Ash, .. 2 more] Asher Biblical .. Asher, Ash, etc. became less popular last year, falling on average -8 rankings as boys' names with Ash leading the decline. [Asser, Ash] Ashford Root fr. Old English ...

  2. Last names for girls have rocketed in popularity in recent years. Parents can’t get enough of these surname stunners. Let’s get to know some of our standouts. First up in surname names for girls are those with famous associations. This group gets a lot of attention and makes up a good amount of last names for girls on the baby name charts.

  3. Well-used, with usage of 0.03% for Apollo and variants as boys' names in 2018, higher than 0.029% the year before. [Apolo, Apollon, .. 1 more] Aquilo Roman mythology name: the North Wind .. Aquilo, Aquilino and Aquillo are seldom found as masculine names, and Aquilino exists commonly (UPPER 16%) as a last name. [Aquillo, .. 1 more]

  4. Jun 27, 2022 · Boysnames in Germany. For international names, some boysnames are similar to English names, such as Benjamin, David, Dennis, and Daniel (although pronunciation sometimes differs). The name Ben was reportedly the most popular German boys’ name in 2016, and forecast to also top 2017, with Noah and Elis also joining the top ranks.

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