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  1. CONTACT. MOLAA (562) 437-1689 628 Alamitos Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802 United States

  2. Two of my favorites takes from this experience have been: Having my work curated by such influential figures in the New York art scene, and being a part of a show with multiple generations of Latin American artists; Artists who have been evolving their practice for 50 years, and young artists like myself that are still learning and developing.

  3. Latin American Art (1492 - Present, Modern American Art (1520 – 17th Century), Postwar European Art (1945 - 1970), Australian Art (28,000 BC - Present), South African Art (98,000 BC - Present) About Afzal Ibrahim

  4. › wiki › Medieval_artMedieval art - Wikipedia

    The medieval art of the Western world covers a vast scope of time and place, over 1000 years of art in Europe, and at certain periods in Western Asia and Northern Africa.It includes major art movements and periods, national and regional art, genres, revivals, the artists' crafts, and the artists themselves.

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    Video art is an art form which relies on using video technology as a visual and audio medium. Video art emerged during the late 1960s as new consumer video technology such as video tape recorders became available outside corporate broadcasting.

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