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      • latin | Etymology, origin and meaning of the name latin by etymonline Latin (adj.) Old English latin "in Latin," from Latin Latinus "Latin, Roman, in Latin," literally "belonging to Latium ," the region of Italy around Rome, a name of uncertain origin.
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  2. With more than 22800 entries this is the most authoritative and comprehensive dictionary of Latin etymology. It is an important etymological resource for linguistic experts, it is also a useful reference for anyone who is interested in Latin language Etymology - Over 22800 entries including vocabulary, names, roots.

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  3. In this etymological dictionary, Valpy attempts and successfully manages to represent the Latin language as a language mainly developed from Ancient Greek, a development of which its beginning is lost in time and reached its peak at the time of Augustus, when Latin language borrowed more than 10,000 words from Greek.

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  4. Dec 31, 2014 · An etymological dictionary of the Latin language Item Preview ... greek word, donnegan explains, wild beasts, Latin language -- Etymology -- Dictionaries, ...

  5. Mar 17, 2022 · Old folk etymology connected it with Latin latere "to lie hidden," and a fable of Saturn. The Latin word also is the source of Spanish and Italian ladino, Dutch latijn, German latein, Irish Gaelic laidionn (n.), Polish lacina, Russian latuinŭ. The more common form in Old English was læden (see Latin (n.)).

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