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  1. Les Misérables - Wikipedia

    Laura Kalpakian's Cosette: The Sequel to Les Misérables was published in 1995. It continues the story of Cosette and Marius, but is more a sequel to the musical than to the original novel. In 2001, two French novels by François Cérésa that continue Hugo's story appeared: Cosette ou le temps des illusions and Marius ou le fugitif. The former ...

  2. Adaptations of Les Misérables - Wikipediaérables

    1995, Cosette: The Sequel to Les Misérables by Laura Kalpakian, more a sequel to the musical than to Hugo's novel. 1995, Les Misérables, adapted by Monica Kulling for the Bullseye Step Into Classics series. 2001, French author François Cérésa wrote two sequels, Cosette or the Time of Illusions and Marius or The Fugitive. Hugo's descendants ...

  3. 悲慘世界 - 維基百科,自由的百科全書悲惨世界

    《珂賽特:「悲慘世界」的續集》,由 蘿拉·卡爾帕金 ( 英語 : Laura Kalpakian ) 創作,於1995年出版。它延續了珂賽特與馬留斯的故事,但與其說它是原著的續集,不如說是1980年音樂劇的續集。

  4. 悲惨世界 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书悲惨世界

    《珂賽特:“悲慘世界”的續集》,由 劳拉·卡尔帕金 ( 英语 : Laura Kalpakian ) 創作,於1995年出版。它延續了珂賽特與馬利斯的故事,但與其說它是原著的續集,不如說是1980年音樂劇的續集。

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