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  2. Jan 24, 2024 · Not much. As commonly used in the United States, the difference between J.D. and Esq. is the ability to practice law. Lawyer and attorney, on the other hand, really do mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably. What's the Definition of J.D. (Juris Doctor)? "J.D." stands for Juris Doctor — also known as a law degree.

  3. Sep 30, 2023 · Lawyer Abbreviation After Name: Unraveling J.D., Esq., and More By: TrustedLawyerCentral Date: September 30, 2023 Ever wondered why some lawyers, often involved in legal matters, have a string of letters, or the attorney abbreviation, after their names? This title, known as esquire, is a symbol of justice. Well, it’s not just for show!

  4. Dec 21, 2021 · "SP" means "Sole Proprietorship", that is one lawyer working alone. None of these tell you anything about the kind of law a lawyer or firm does. None except SP tell you anything about how many lawyers a firm has. And none tell you anything about how competent a lawyer is.

  5. Jun 27, 2018 · The lawyer abbreviation LL.M. is often obtained by international lawyers who want to earn global credentials. J.S.D. A Doctor of the Science of Law (J.S.D. or S.J.D.) is the equivalent of a Ph.D....

  6. Such citations and abbreviations are found in court decisions, statutes, regulations, journal articles, books, and other documents. Below is a basic list of very common abbreviations. Because publishers adopt different practices regarding how abbreviations are printed, one may find abbreviations with or without periods for each letter.

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