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  1. Le 2 décembre 2014, l'encyclopédie Wikipédia en langue française devient la 3e 64 édition linguistique par le nombre d'utilisateurs enregistrés n 3 depuis sa création, dépassant en ce jour pour la première fois l'édition allemande, avec 2 022 504 utilisateurs enregistrés 65, 66, après les éditions en langue anglaise (23 300 456) 67 et espagnole …

  2. French Wikipedia 94 languages Afrikaans العربية অসমীয়া Asturianu Azərbaycanca বাংলা Bân-lâm-gú Basa Banyumasan Беларуская Беларуская (тарашкевіца) Български Буряад Català Чӑвашла Čeština Cymraeg Dansk Deutsch Eesti Ελληνικά Español Esperanto Estremeñu Euskara فارسی Français Furlan Gaeilge Galego 客家語/Hak-kâ-ngî 한국어 Հայերեն हिन्दी Hrvatski

  3. Le français est la deuxième langue parmi les langues étrangères le plus fréquemment enseignées à travers le monde, y compris aux États-Unis 7. Il est également la quatrième langue la plus utilisée sur internet après l' espagnol, le mandarin et l' anglais 12, langue dont le vocabulaire a été fortement enrichi par le français.

    • Créoles et métchif
    • 321 millions, (2022), LM : 93 millions
    • History
    • Membership
    • Role as Authority on The French Language
    • Prizes
    • Opposition of Regional Languages
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    The Académie had its origins in an informal literary group deriving from the salons held at the Hôtel de Rambouillet during the late 1620s and early 1630s. The group began meeting at Valentin Conrart's house, seeking informality. There were then nine members. Cardinal Richelieu, the chief minister of France, made himself protector of the group, and...

    The Académie Française has forty seats, each of which is assigned a separate number. Candidates make their applications for a specific seat, not to the Académie in general: if several seats are vacant, a candidate may apply separately for each. Since a newly elected member is required to eulogize their predecessor in the installation ceremony, it i...

    The Académie is France's official authority on the usages, vocabulary, and grammar of the French language.

    The Académie Française is responsible for awarding several different prizes in various fields (including literature, painting, poetry, theatre, cinema, history, and translation). Almost all of the prizes were created during the twentieth century, and only two prizes were awarded before 1780. In total, the Académie awards more than sixty prizes, mos...

    The Académie Française intervened in June 2008 to oppose the French Government's proposal to constitutionally offer recognition and protection to regional languages (Flemish, Alsatian, Basque, Breton, Catalan, Corsican, Occitan, Gascon, and Arpitan).

    Herbermann, Charles, ed. (1913). "The French Academy" . Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton Company.
    Dictionnaire de l'Académie française, neuvième édition (in French)
    • 40 members known as les immortels ("the immortals")
    • Paris, France
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  5. For an introductory guide on IPA symbols, see Help:IPA. French (French: français, pronounced "Fronce-eh") is a Romance language that was first spoken in France. It is also spoken in Belgium ( Wallonia ), Luxembourg, Quebec ( Canada ), Switzerland (Romandy) and with many different countries in Africa (Francophone Africa).

    • 300 million speakers (2019), An estimated 300 million French speakers (L1 plus L2; 2019)
    • [fʁɑ̃sɛ]
    • France
    • Francophonie (French-speaking world), (geographical distribution below)
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