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    Old School RuneScape Leagues are a seasonal variant of Old School RuneScape revolving around completing various tasks on time-limited servers with additional rules such as area restrictions, trade restrictions and boosted experience rates. Additionally, completing League tasks unlocks relics that further alter the game experience.

  2. Leagues Reward Shop - OSRS Wiki Leagues Reward Shop The Leagues Reward Shop is a store run by the League Tutor in Catherby, near the bank. They sell rewards from Old School RuneScape Leagues in exchange for points earned within the Leagues on members ' worlds. Contents Stock Twisted League rewards Trailblazer League rewards

    • Overview
    • Restrictions
    • Tiers
    • Relics and Fragments
    • Boosted Drops
    • Tasks
    • Rewards
    • Opening Cinematic

    In this iteration of Leagues, players have access to the entirety of the world map, rather than the area-restricted Twisted and Trailblazer Leagues. However, players do not have full access to their skills and various bosses; they must be unlocked through the use of Sage's Renown, a type of currency earned by completing specific tasks within the Sh...

    Unlike the first two leagues, there are no area restrictions in the Shattered Relics League. Instead, players begin the league with most Skills and Bosses locked, which can be unlocked with Sage's Renown. Players begin the league on the outskirts of Catherby, by The Sage. The free Home Teleport spell in each spellbook is also redirected to Catherby...

    As the player progresses through the league, you'll gain different passive effects as you level up through tiers. Items affected by the boosted drop rates can be found here.

    Relics have been shattered into fragments and scattered all across Gielinor by The Sage who is concerned about the power that players hold. Individually, fragments contain a small portion of a relic's power, but they can be combined to create powerful effects. Fragments can be obtained by various activities through the world through RNGmeans. The n...

    As fragment slots are unlocked, passive bonuses will activate. Specific items will received boosted drop rates. Rates begin at 1x, increase to 2x when four fragment slots are unlocked, and 3x when six slots are unlocked.

    Tasks in the Shattered Relics League allows players to earn league points and Sage's Renown, which allow the player to unlock more Fragment slots, skills, bosses and auto-unlock quests. Tasks span five different difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite and Master. In the league, there are hundreds of tasks to complete, ranging from reaching a c...

    After the league has concluded, players may spend league points to unlock rewards permanently. All the proposed rewards were polled and passed from October 7th-13th 2021. Returning rewards from past leagues include League trophies, a Home Teleport animation, league themed outfits, and a league banner. New rewards include a Weapon Variety Pack, a Dw...

    Upon logging in Shattered Relics League for the first time, players will watch an opening cinematic, which resembles a storybook of sorts with each frame representing a page and a bit of text. 1. Another chapter concluded... Thankfully we are safe here on this river. Don't worry, the next chapter is being written as we speak. 2. That's why I saved ...

  3. What are OSRS Leagues? Leagues are a seasonal variant of Old School Runescape that work in a similar way to Deadman Mode. In leagues players start completely from fresh without any stats, items, or bank. You can use your regular osrs account to login, this will not affect your account at all.

  4. This page contains a list of all of the tasks in the Shattered Relics League. Completing tasks during the league allows players to earn League Points and Sage's Renown which allow players to unlock Skills and Bosses, auto-complete quests, and unlock Fragment slots. Tier. Total tasks. League Points each. Total League Points.

  5. Sep 18, 2019 · Leagues is a brand new game mode that's your opportunity to start from scratch in a race to be the first to complete major Old School achievements – but there’s a twist. Each limited-timed League has its own ruleset designed to test your skill, your determination, and your Old School knowledge. Level up as fast as you can, complete tasks, and earn points to customise your experience.

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