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  2. (June 2023) Non-native speaker of the Nuorese dialect of Siniscola. Sardinian or Sard ( sardu [ˈsaɾdu], limba sarda [ˈlimba ˈzaɾda] or lìngua sarda [ˈliŋɡwa ˈzaɾda]) is a Romance language spoken by the Sardinians on the Western Mediterranean island of Sardinia .

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    Sardinian is, of course, one of the biggest symbols of identity for the island’s people, but it has, throughout the centuries (especially since the Savoy era), acquired an ambivalent status. On the one hand, locals are very proud of it: many in the villages still speak it at a fluent level and on a daily basis; it’s their first language (such is th...

    At the moment, four linguistic areas can be identified in Sardinia, and each of them has its own language variant, but only two of these four variants are considered a proper language and counted as “Sardinian”: the Campidano Sardinian (which is the variety we speak at home, in southern Sardinia, in the area that surrounds the Campidano plains); an...

    Since the early 2000s, there have been several projects aimed at preserving the language of Sardinia and possibly increase the number of its speakers. Here are the most notable ones.

    There are twelve minority languages protected by Law 482 / 1999 law – eleven other than Sardinian. One of those languages is Catalan, which is still spoken in the lovely Alghero. The city still uses this language supposedly because during the Catalan domination in the 14th century some anti-Catalan revolution was crudely repressed and ended in a bl...

    Finally, here is a short list of useful Sardinian words and sentences, in case you feel brave and want to try and say a few things to the locals. One: Unu (oo-noo) Two: Dusu (doo-soo) Three: Tresi (treh-zee) Four: Quattru (qwah-troo) Five: Cinqui (cheen-qwee) Six: Sesi (say-zee) Seven: Setti (seh-tee) Eight: Ottu (oh-too) Nine: Noi (naw-ee) Ten: De...

    For obvious reasons, this is a very simplified version of what the Sardinian language really is, what it means for our culture and identity, and what’s been done to preserve it. Its whole history and situation are way more complex than how I depicted in this post, but I hope I managed to underline the basics of this beautiful, unique language!

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  5. First written: 1080 AD Writing system: Latin script Status: official language in Italy (Sardinia) There are four main varieties of Sardinian: Logudorese, Campidanese, Gallurese and Sassarese, and each of them, expect Sassarese, is really a collection of dialects.

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