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  1. Jan 08, 2015 · This brief historical tour of the most popular names got me curious about the least popular names. If you look at the low end of the top 1,000 names for 2012, you see boys' names like...

    • Arika Okrent
  2. Girl: Tiny (915) 1899 Boy: Fate (972) Girl: Cuba (884) 1900 Boy: Gorge (935) Girl: Electa (948) 1901 Boy: Joesph (999) Girl: Buelah (923) 1902 Boy: Rolla (917) Girl: Bama (942) 1903 Boy:...

    • Eleanor. English variation of French Provencal Alienor, meaning unknown. Description: While some think Eleanor is a variation of Helen via Ellen, it actually derives from the Provencal name Aliénor, of highly-debated meaning.
    • Alice. German. Meaning: "noble" Alice was derived from the Old French name Aalis, a diminutive of Adelais that itself came from the Germanic name Adalhaidis.
    • Charlotte. French, feminine diminutive of Charles. Meaning: "free man" Charlotte is the feminine form of the male given name Charles. It derived from Charlot, a French diminutive of Charles meaning "little Charles," and the name of Charlemagne’s son in French literature and legend.
    • Amelia. German. Meaning: "work" Amelia is derived from the German name Amalia, which in turn is a variation of Amalberga. The root, amal, is a Germanic word meaning "work," and in the context of female given names suggests themes of fertility as well as productivity.
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  4. Oct 18, 2022 · 56. Gilbert (French origin), A popular name from the 1800s it means “noble bright youth”. 57. Isabella (Hebrew origin), Isabella was a very popular name in the 1800s and it means someone who is "devoted to God”. 58. Jane (Hebrew name), the meaning of this baby girl name means “God is gracious”. 59.

  5. Sep 26, 2022 · Victorian Baby Girl Names that Start with G. Genevieve (woman of the people) best nicknames include Jenny Vive, Nev, and Viv. Georgia (works with the land, farmer) Gertrude (strength of the spear) best nicknames include Trudy and Gertie. Gladys (land, nation) Gwenllian. RELATED: G Names For Your Baby Boy.

  6. Oct 18, 2022 · Parents still like to choose these names for their babies because these names speak of culture, roots, and heritage. 1. Ada (F) (English origin) means "adornment". 2. Agatha (F) (English origin) means "good woman". One of the classic names you can give to your baby girl. 3. Alexandra (M) (English origin) means "defender". 4.

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