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  1. If you look at the low end of the top 1,000 names for 2012, you see boys' names like Dangelo, Foster, Jaidyn, Briggs, and Davon. For girls, you see names like Katalina, Hayleigh, Sloan, Karlie, and...

  2. The SSA website gives the top 1000 boy and girl names (as reported on Social Security card applications) for each year from 1880 onward. If you look at the low end of the top 1000 names for 2012,...

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    • Jasper. This is a fitting name for your precious baby. Jasper is a name that means treasurer, as explained in Baby Center. It would sound great as a name for either a girl or a boy; some famous examples include artist Jasper Johns and novelist Jasper Fforde.
    • Clara. The name Clara means bright or clear, as explained in She Knows (which makes sense, since it brings to mind the bright, clear ringing of a bell).
    • Lawrence. This gorgeous name is long overdue for a resurgence. Derived from the name of a town called Laurentum, the name Lawrence has a connection to the word for laurel, as noted in Baby Name Wizard.
    • Clarence. Like Clara, the name Clarence means bright, as explained on Name Berry. (Now it makes sense that the angel in It's a Wonderful Life was named Clarence, right?)
  4. Jun 24, 2021 · Parents still like to choose these names for their babies because these names speak of culture, roots, and heritage. 1. Ada (F) (English origin) means "adornment". 2. Agatha (F) (English origin) means "good woman". One of the classic names you can give to your baby girl. 3. Alexandra (M) (English origin) means "defender". 4.

  5. Jun 21, 2017 · If you had to guess what the most popular names were in the late 1800s, you’d probably dream up out-of-date names such as Virgil and Elmer, or Eula and Blanche. While each of those were definitely...

  6. Jul 24, 2020 · Idris. Terrence. Draven. Camilo. Reign. Ralph. One thing about this least favorite list, is that possibly in 100 years, these names will be popular again. The United States will see a resurgence of names such as Wendy and Maliah, as well as Markus and Ralph. It could happen, wait and see.

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