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    Lee Harvey Oswald (October 18, 1939 – November 24, 1963) was a former U.S. Marine who assassinated United States president John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.. Oswald was placed in juvenile detention at the age of 12 for truancy, during which time he was assessed by a psychiatrist as "emotionally disturbed", due to a lack of normal family life.

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    Lee Harvey Oswald, accused assassin of U.S. President John F. Kennedy in Dallas on November 22, 1963. He himself was fatally shot two days later by Jack Ruby in the Dallas County Jail. Whether Oswald acted alone or as part of a conspiracy has been long debated. Learn more about Oswald in this article.

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    Jul 10, 2020 · Lee Harvey Oswald was a former U.S. Marine who was accused of killing President John F. Kennedy. While in police custody, Oswald was murdered by Jack Ruby.

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    • He served in the Marines — where his nickname was “Osvaldovich” Oswald took an early interest in socialism after picking up a leaflet about the coming execution of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, who had been convicted of spying for Russia.
    • Oswald attempted suicide in Russia. In 1959, Oswald travelled to Moscow in hopes of becoming a Soviet citizen. “I want citizenship because I am a communist and a worker,” he wrote in his request for citizenship.
    • He once improvised the role of a killer. In 1960, Oswald moved to Minsk and became friends with a group of college students interested in learning English.
    • His alias was “Alek J. Hidell” By 1962, Oswald was back in the United States and working in a photo lab in downtown Dallas. Using the lab’s photo equipment, he began to forge a new identity, including a Selective Service card, in the name of “Alek J. Hidell.”
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    Feb 09, 2010 · Jack Ruby kills Lee Harvey Oswald At 12:20 p.m., in the basement of the Dallas police station, Lee Harvey Oswald , the alleged assassin of President John F. Kennedy , is shot to death by Jack Ruby ...

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    Jack Ruby shot dead assassination suspect Lee Harvey Oswald, 24, in the abdomen at point blank range. On November 24 1963, just two days after JFK's assassination and his arrest, Oswald was being escorted from Dallas Police Headquarters to county prison. As he was taken out in front of the world’s media, Ruby stepped forward and shot him dead. The event was witnessed by millions of Americans on live TV. Ruby, a shadowy figure from Chicago, was convicted of murder in 1964. Neither men knew each other. Ruby claimed he had simply acted out of grief and denied any involvement in a conspiracy. He was later found guilty of murder and sentenced to death. He appealed but died of an illness in jail before his new trial could take place.

    Lee Harvey Oswald’s wife was called Marina and was aged 22 when her husband was arrested for the assassination of JFK before being murdered himself. She had married Oswald during his brief defection to the Soviet Union in 1961 and returned with him to the US. There was nothing to suggest she had anything to do with any assassination plot. They had two daughters June and Audrey. During official inquiries into the assassination of JFK she said she believed her husband was guilty. But in recent years she has protested his innocence.

    One of the problems faced by the official investigation, the Warren Commision, was establishing what motivated Lee Harvey Oswald to kill the President. Oswald denied being the assassin and claimed he had been framed. And since he was killed just hours after being taken into custody, adequate interrogation and a trial had not taken place. The Warren Commission could only suggest vague theories into why he shot JFK. These mainly surrounded his communist sympathies and his attitude towards authorities. But no concrete motives were ever found. Thousands of books, articles, TV shows and films have explored the idea that Kennedy's assassination was the result of an elaborate conspiracy. None have produced conclusive proof that Oswald worked with anyone else. The newly released archive includes about 3,100 files that have never seen the light of day and another 30,000 so far only partially released. Many are believed to involve a six-day trip that Oswald took to Mexico City that year. Prev...

    Oswald was laid to rest in Fort Worth’s Shannon Rose Hill Burial Park. There were no mourners at the funeral. Reporters present were asked to act as pallbearers and out of decency obliged. But the alleged assassin did not rest peacefully. Back in 1981 forensic investigators exhumed his body as they probed a conspiracy suggesting a Russian body double had been buried rather than Oswald. The body’s teeth were then compared with dental records but it was confirmed that it was indeed Lee Harvey Oswald in the ground. Oswald’s original headstone was a simple granite slab bearing his full name, birthdate, and a cross. But this was stolen from the cemetery four years after Kennedy’s death as a prank by Oklahoma teenagers. It was found by police and returned to Oswald’s mother, Marguerite Oswald, who stashed it away in her Fort Worth home. After her death in 1981, a family acquired the house ‘as is’ with whatever was left behind”. They were unaware of the tombstone until an electrician disco...

    In 2016, Donald Trump suggested that Senator Cruz's dad was involved in the assassination effort of JFK. The remark was among his more controversial statements regarding the Texas senator as they both vied for the GOP presidential nomination. In May 2016, Trump said to Fox News: "[Cruz's] father was with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to Oswald's being — you know, shot. "I mean, the whole thing is ridiculous. "What is this, right prior to his being shot, and nobody even brings it up. They don't even talk about that. "That was reported, and nobody talks about it. "I mean, what was he doing — what was he doing with Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before the death? "Before the shooting? "It’s horrible."

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    Jun 01, 2021 · Lee Harvey Oswald trended after Klippenstein asked Matt Gaetz to retweet his military portrait. Candace Owens said the portraits were Photoshopped, despite Oswald being a former military member. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories.

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    Nov 24, 2019 · Lee Harvey Oswald in a snapshot ( In 2019, communism doesn’t inspire the same level of concern that it did in the ‘60s. Back then, communism was a feared ideology that, for many Americans, was an unadulterated evil. Oswald found his appreciation for communism during his tour of duty as a Marine.

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    Nov 01, 2013 · Oswald widow snapped for 1st time in 25 years. New photos show Lee Harvey Oswald’s widow as a 72-year-old grandmother living quietly in a suburban Texas town. Marina Oswald, the Russian beauty ...

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