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  1. The John F. Kennedy assassination rifle refers to the long-barrelled firearm that was used to assassinate John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States.. In March 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald, using the alias "A. Hidell", purchased by mail order a 6.5×52mm Carcano Model 38 infantry carbine (described by the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy as a ...

  2. Sep 11, 2022 · In this Nov. 22, 1963 file photo, Marina Oswald, second left, stands with her mother-in-law, Marguerite Claverie Oswald, in the police station in Dallas where her husband, Lee Harvey Oswald is ...

  3. Apr 27, 2020 · What were the movements of Lee Harvey Oswald? Lee Harvey Oswald had reported for work at the Texas School Book Depository as normal on the morning of 22 November 1963. The rest of the day was anything but normal. At 12.30pm, as the presidential motorcade passed the building, three shots were fired from its sixth floor.

  4. J. D. Tippit (September 18, 1924 – November 22, 1963) was an American World War II U.S Army veteran and police officer who served as an 11-year veteran with the Dallas Police Department.

  5. Victor Zsasz and Oswald Cobblepot regarding Gillian Loeb's fate. Zsasz and Penguin threaten Comissioner Loeb. After Falcone retires from the criminal life, Zsasz begins working for Oswald and helps him threaten Commissioner Gillian Loeb to reinstate Gordon at the G.C.P.D. and resign his position as commissioner.

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