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    21 hours ago · He served in the United States Navy during 1943–46 and spent time in the Pacific Theater of World War II. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in drama and economics from Kenyon College in 1949.

    • Actor, film director, race car driver, entrepreneur
    • 6, including Scott, Nell, and Melissa
  2. 2 days ago · Astral projection (also known as astral travel) is a term used in esotericism to describe an intentional out-of-body experience (OBE) that assumes the existence of a subtle body called an "astral body" through which consciousness can function separately from the physical body and travel throughout the astral plane.

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    Born in San Francisco, California and adopted by the owner of a hardware store, Robert Lippert became fascinated by the cinema at an early age. As a youngster, he worked a variety of jobs in local theaters, including projectionist and assistant manager. As a manager of a cinema during the Depression, Lippert encouraged regular attendance with promo...

    Dissatisfied with what he believed to be exorbitant rental fees charged by major studios, Lippert formed Screen Guild Productions in 1945, its first release being a color Bob Steele western called Wildfire, shot in Cinecolor. "Every theater owner thinks he can make pictures better than the ones they sent him", he later said. "So back in 1943, I tri...

    Screen Guild became Lippert Pictures in 1948, using rental stages and the Corriganville Movie Ranchfor the production of its films. 130 Lippert features were made and released between 1948 and 1955. Lippert's reputation rose with the success of I Shot Jesse James. A 1949 New York Timesprofile said he owned 61 theaters. It also reported (erroneously...

    Regal Pictures

    When Darryl F. Zanuck announced his CinemaScope process, he faced hostility from many theatre owners who had gone to great expense to convert their theatres to show 3-D films that Hollywood had stopped making. Zanuck assured them that they could have a large supply of CinemaScope product because Fox would make CinemaScope lenses available to other film companies and start a production unit, led by Lippert, called Regal Pictures in 1956 to produce B picturesin that process. Lippert's company w...

    Associated Producers Incorporated

    In 1959, Lippert renamed Regal as Associated Producers Incorporated (API) to make more low-budget films for double features (API having similar initials to exploitation specialist American International Picturesmay have been coincidental). The core of API was Harry Spalding and Maury Dexter. All API's productions were done in-house. In October 1959, Lippert said making "little Bs" for $100,000 was no longer as lucrative because "it is now in the same category as the short TV feature which peo...

    Later career

    In March 1966, Fox announced that Lippert would return to film production with Country Music. Lippert's association with Fox ended after 250 films with The Last Shot You Hearthat began filming in 1967 but was not released until 1969. After stopping producing, Lippert doubled his chain of theatres from 70 to 139 and managed them until his death.

    In 1926, he married Ruth Robison and they remained married until his death. He has a son, Robert L. Lippert Jr., and a daughter, Judith Ann. His son followed his father into producing and also helping manage the theater chain. Maury Dexter says Lippert had a mistress, Margia Dean, who he would insist appear in Lippert films.

    Lippert died of a heart attack, his second, at home in Alameda, California on November 16, 1976. His cremated remains were interred at the Woodlawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Colma, California.

    Produced by Action Pictures, distributed by Screen Guild Productions

    1. Wildfire: The Story of a Horse(1945) – starring Bob Steele, produced by William David, directed by Robert Emmett Tansey 2. Northwest Trail(1945) – starring Bob Steele, produced by William David, directed by Derwin Abrahams 3. God's Country(1946) – starring Bob Steele, produced by William David, directed by Robert Emmett Tansey

    Produced by Affiliated Productions, distributed by Screen Guild Productions

    1. Renegade Girl (1946) – starring Ann Savage, directed by William Berke 2. Rolling Home (1946) – starring Jean Parker, directed by William Berke

    Produced by Edward F. Finney Productions, distributed by Screen Guild Productions

    1. Queen of the Amazons (1947) – written by Roger Merton, directed by Edward Finney 2. The Prairie (1947) – Based on a story by James Fenimore Cooper, written by Arthur St. Claire (screenplay) directed by Frank Wisbar

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    May 09, 2022 · Polycarp (/ ˈ p ɒ l i k ɑːr p /; Greek: Πολύκαρπος, Polýkarpos; Latin: Polycarpus; AD 69 – 155) was a Christian bishop of Smyrna. According to the Martyrdom of Polycarp, he died a martyr, bound and burned at the stake, then stabbed when the fire failed to consume his body.

    • AD 69
    • Wearing the pallium, holding a book representing his Epistle to the Philippians
    • September 1, 1943
    • September 2, 1943
    • September 3, 1943
    • September 4, 1943
    • September 5, 1943
    • September 6, 1943
    • September 7, 1943
    • September 8, 1943
    • September 9, 1943
    • September 10, 1943
    Amon Göth, the Nazi commandant of the Kraków-Płaszów concentration camp, decreed that the Jewish prisoners would no longer be allowed to work in the factories in neighboring Płaszów, including the...
    The Japanese submarine I-182 was depth charged and sunk in the Coral Sea by the destroyer USS Wadsworth.
    Minami-Tori-shima, a Japanese coral atoll that included an airstrip, located approximately 1,000 miles (1,600 km) from Tokyo, was attacked by the United States in the first successful strike of the...

    Seweryn Klajnman, an 18-year-old Jewish inmate at the Treblinka extermination camp, led an escape of 13 of his fellow prisoners. The group killed the Ukrainian SS guard, who was overseeing their wo...

    The Italian mainland was invaded by the Allies for the first time during World War II, as the British commanding General, Sir Bernard Montgomery, sent the first British and Canadian troops across t...
    At the same time, General Giuseppe Castellano, acting with the authorization of the Italian government, secretly met with Allied officials at the village of Cassibile in Sicily to sign the Armistic...
    The Nazi German SS began the arrest thousands of Jews in Belgium, with two days of raids on the cities of Brussels and Antwerp. The first of ten deportations by railroad would begin on September 20.
    The Japanese submarine I-25 was sunk off Espiritu Santo by the destroyer USS Ellet.
    Soviet Union premier Joseph Stalin hosted Sergei Izvekov (the acting patriarch Pimen I of the Russian Orthodox Church), and two other metropolitans, and offered to allow the Church to hold worship...
    British troops, under the command of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, captured the Italian ports of Reggio Calabria and San Giovanni di Gerace.
    Major General George Wootten's Australian 9th Division and the 2nd Engineer Special brigade became the first Allied troops to land at New Guinea since the capture of the island by Japanese troops,...
    U.S. Army Air Forces Lieutenant Alex Doster became the first person to test the paratrooper pick-up system that had been designed by All American Aviation Company. Designed to rescue downed fliers...
    In what General Douglas MacArthur described as "the first major parachute jump in the Pacific War", the U.S. Army 503rd Parachute Regiment landed and seized the Japanese held airport at Nadzab, jus...
    Born: Dolores Prida, Cuban-American advice columnist, in Caibarién(d. 2013)
    Died: Aleš Hrdlička, 74, Czech anthropologist
    Seventy-nine people were killed and 116 injured in a crash of an express train on the Pennsylvania Railroad at Philadelphia. The Congressional Limited express had been en route from Washington to N...
    The important railway junction of Konotop fell to the Soviet 60th Army.
    The German submarine U-669 struck a mine and sank in the Bay of Biscay.
    As the German Army retreated from the Ukrainian SSR in the Soviet Union, Heinrich Himmler issued his "scorched earth" (verbrannte Erde) order, with the goal to be "not one person remains, no cattle...
    A fire at the Gulf Hotel in Houstonkilled 55 men, most of them elderly residents. The blaze broke out shortly after midnight at the three-story building.
    The Italian submarine Velella was torpedoed and sunk off Salerno by the British submarine Shakespeare.
    Born: Gloria Gaynor, American singer, known for "I Will Survive"; as Gloria Fowles, in Newark, New Jersey
    Italy surrendered to the Allied forces after more than three years as a member of the alliance of the Axis Powers. At 7:30 in the evening local time, radio listeners in Italy were stunned to hear t...
    Half of the 70,000 Allied prisoners of war in Italy were able to escape in a single day, walking out of the camps when their prison guards deserted.
    German troops had moved into northern Italy, where the 35,000 member Jewish population was concentrated, during the 45 days since the overthrow of Benito Mussolini.
    Allied forces began the Dodecanese Campaign, an attempt to capture the Italian-held Dodecanese islands.
    The Italian battleship Roma was attacked by German Nazi bombers and sunk by the new guided bomb, the Fritz X. The ship went down between Corsica and Sardinia and took with it 1,253 of its crew of 1...
    The second phase of the Allied invasion of Italy, Operation Avalanche, commenced at 3:30 am, as the U.S. Army VI Corps and the British Army X Corps stormed the beaches at the Gulf of Salerno, and e...
    British forces carried out Operation Slapstick, a landing at the crucial Italian port of Taranto.
    The Action off Bastiawas fought in the Mediterranean Sea. Italian forces sank two German submarine chasers and five naval ferry barges.
    Two days after the government of Italy agreed to surrender, German troops invaded Rome, Naples and the rest of northern Italy. Prime Minister Pietro Badoglio and King Victor Emanuel III were able t...
    Nazi authorities created the Operational Zone of the Adriatic Littoralout of territories on the northern Adriatic coast that were previously under the control of Fascist Italy.
    At noon, Vatican City closed the doors of the St. Peter's Basilica and blocked the gate of Sant'Anna, the main entrance to the independent nation from Rome, after giving sanctuaryto Italians fleein...
    The "Solf Circle", a gathering of more than 75 Berlin citizens who were opposed to the Nazi German government, was betrayed after Elisabeth von Thadden invited a new member to their group, Dr. Paul...
  4. May 16, 2022 · Lena Meyer-Landrut (30) hat’s erwischt. Sie ist krank, liegt flach.

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