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  1. Mahnı ifaçı Katerina Duska və Leon of Athens tərəfindən bəstələnmişdir. Agadellis, Stratos (18 fevral 2019). "Greece: 2 KB (55 söz) - 08:05, 24 may 2019.

  2. Interview with Leon of Athens from Bringin' it Backwards on Podchaser, aired Wednesday, 22nd April 2020. We had the opportunity to interview Leon of Athens on Zoom with video! Please share while we are #togetherathome 🏠 "London based indie-pop star Leon of Athens channels the flamboyant …

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    The series was conceived in 1989 by Christopher Grace, head of animation at S4C. Grace had previously worked with Soyuzmultfilm on an animated version of the Welsh folktale cycle, the Mabinogion, and he turned to them again for the Shakespeare project, feeling "if we were going to animate Shakespeare in a thirty-minute format, then we had to go to a country that we knew creatively and artistically could actually deliver. And in my view, frankly, there was only one country that could do it in...


    There was considerable media publicity prior to the initial broadcast of the first season, with Prince Charles commenting "I welcome this pioneering project which will bring Shakespeare's great wisdom, insight and all-encompassing view of mankind to many millions from all parts of the globe, who have never been in his company before." An article in the Radio Times wrote "as a result of pre-sales alone, tens of millions of people are guaranteed to see it and Shakespeare is guaranteed for his b...


    A major part of the project was the educational aspect of the series, especially the notion of introducing children to Shakespeare for the first time. The series was made available to schools along with a printed copy of the script for each episode, complete with illustrations based on, but not verbatim copies of the Russian animation. The printed scripts were slightly longer than Garfield's final filmed versions, but remained heavily truncated. Each text also came with a study guide for teac...

    A Midsummer Night's Dream

    1. Directed and designed by Robert Saakiants 2. Originally aired:9 November 1992 3. Animation type: Cel animation

    The Tempest

    1. Directed by Stanislav Sokolov 2. Designed by Elena Livanova 3. Originally aired:16 November 1992 4. Animation type: Stop motion puppet animation


    1. Directed by Nikolai Serebryakov 2. Designed by Vladimir Morozov and Ildar Urmanche 3. Originally aired:23 November 1992 4. Animation type: Cel animation

    Richard III

    1. Directed by Natasha Orlova 2. Designed by Peter Kotov 3. Originally aired:2 November 1994 4. Animation type: Paint on glass

    The Taming of the Shrew

    1. Directed by Aida Ziablikova 2. Designed by Olga Titova 3. Originally aired:9 November 1994 4. Animation type: Stop motion puppet animation

    As You Like It

    1. Directed by Alexei Karayev 2. Designed by Valentin Olshvang 3. Originally aired:16 November 1994 4. Animation type: Paint on glass (using watercolors)

    Shakespeare:The Animated Tales at IMDb
    Shakespeare: The Animated Tales at the Big Cartoon DataBase
    • 12
    • 9 November 1992 –, 14 December 1994
    • 2
    • BBC2 (UK), S4C (Wales), HBO (US)
  3. In 16th century Italy, two inseparable friends suddenly become rivals for the love of a noblewoman. Director: Don Taylor | Stars: Frank Barrie, Tessa Peake-Jones, Hetta Charnley, Tyler Butterworth. Votes: 107. 1589-91 Omissions and/or Changes Comedy9, p7. 2.

  4. May 14, 2021 · Maria Chata Leon’s data is not available on Wikipedia. Her age is not disclosed in any media, but looking through her picture, she seems to be in the age range of 40-50 years old. Leon is also an illegal immigrant who entered the U.S and has done many illegal things, which involve drug smuggling, human trafficking, and murders.

  5. Jul 15, 2021 · Athens, officially Athens–Clarke County, is a consolidated city–county and college town in the U.S. state of Georgia. Athens lies about 70 miles (110 kilometers) northeast of downtown, and is a satellite city of, Atlanta.

  6. Acropolis of Athens: Lianne Hughs: F.M. De Marco: October 6, 2019 () When Odlulu uses the Greek Myth Key to bring Greek myths to life so she can capture the Golden Fleece, the Wanderers embark on a legendary quest to restore order in modern Athens with the help of the mythic Jason of the Argo.

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