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  1. Leopold V, Duke of Austria - Wikipedia

    Leopold V, Duke of Austria. Leopold V (1157 – 31 December 1194), known as the Virtuous ( German: der Tugendhafte ), a member of the House of Babenberg, was Duke of Austria from 1177 and Duke of Styria from 1192 until his death.

  2. Leopold V "the Virtuous" of Babenberg, duke of Austria (1157 ...

    Leopold V (1157 – December 31, 1194), the Virtuous, was a Babenberg duke of Austria from 1177 and of Styria from 1192 until his death. He was the son of the Austrian duke Henry II Jasomirgott and his Byzantine wife, Theodora Comnena, a daughter of Andronicus Comnenus, the second eldest son of the Emperor John II Komnenos.

  3. Leopold von Babenberg (c1025-1043) | Familypedia | Fandom

    Edit Facts. Leopold der Streitbare Babenberg von Ungarnmark was born circa 1025 to Adalbert von Babenberg (c985-1055) and Glismod van Utrecht (c977-1040) and died 9 December 1043 of unspecified causes. He married Ida von Elsdorf (c1027-c1074) .

    • 1025
    • Adalbert von Babenberg (c985-1055)
    • 9 December 1043
    • Glismod van Utrecht (c977-1040)
  4. Pedigree: Leopold V von BABENBERG (Duke) of AUSTRIA

    Leopold V von BABENBERG (Duke) of AUSTRIA. - Leopold V von BABENBERG (Duke) of AUSTRIA.

  5. Leopold V. von Österreich (1177-1194) | Familypedia | Fandom

    Leopold V. der Tugendhafte Babenberg von Österreich, Duke of Austria, Duke of Styria, was born 1157 to Heinrich II. von Österreich (1107-1177) and Theodora Komnene (c1134-1184) and died 31 December 1194 inGraz of unspecified causes. He married Helena of Hungary (c1158-1199) 1177 JL . Notable ancestors includeAlfred the Great (849-899), Charlemagne (747-814). Ancestors are fromthe United ...

    • 1157
    • Helena of Hungary (c1158-1199)
    • Theodora Komnene (c1134-1184)
    • Duke of Austria Duke of Styria
  6. Leopold von Babenberg (1176 - 1230) - Genealogy

    Apr 25, 2019 · Leopold VI (1176 – 28 July 1230), called the Glorious, from the House of Babenberg, was Duke of Austria from 1198 to 1230 and of Styria from 1194 to 1230. Leopold was the younger son of Duke Leopold V.

  7. Leopold I, Margrave of Austria - Wikipedia
    • Overview
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    • Marriage

    Leopold I, known as the Illustrious, a member of the House of Babenberg, was Margrave of Austria from 976 until his death. He was the first margrave of the Babenberg dynasty which ruled the March and Duchy of Austria until its extinction in 1246.

    The origins of Leopold the Illustrious are not known. According to some sources, his father Berthold was count in the Nordgau, the region north of Ratisbon in the Duchy of Bavaria. A more recent theory identifies Leopold as a younger son of Duke Arnulf of Bavaria and brother of Count Berthold of Schweinfurt. While his ancestry remains disputed, some affiliation with the ducal Luitpoldings dynasty is probable. Bavaria with the marches of Austria, Carinthia and Verona, 952-976 Leopold is first men

    Leopold ruled over the re-established Marcha orientalis for eighteen years. He organized and expanded it with great ability, and left behind a margravate that had assumed the character of "an ordered and civilized land". The chronicler Thietmar wrote that no man was wiser that he in all his actions, or of a worthier nature. Perhaps the highest testimony to Leopold's life and reputation came from the actions of Emperor Otto III, who immediately invested his son Henry I with his father's margravat

    Leopold married Richardis, the daughter of Count Ernest IV of Sualafeldgau and probably the aunt of Duke Adalbero of Carinthia. Their marriage produced eight children

  8. Leopold III, Margrave of Austria - Wikipedia

    Saint Leopold III (German: Luitpold, 1073 – 15 November 1136), known as Leopold the Good, was the Margrave of Austria from 1095 to his death in 1136. He was a member of the House of Babenberg. He was canonized on 6 January 1485 and became the patron saint of Austria, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, and Vienna. His feast day is 15 November.

    • 1073, Melk, Austria
    • 15 November 1136, Klosterneuburg abbey, Lower Austria, Austria
  9. Leopold II, Margrave of Austria - Wikipedia

    Leopold the Fair was born in 1050, the son of Margrave Ernest of Austria and his wife Adelaide of Eilenburg, the daughter of the Wettin margrave Dedi I of Lusatia. His Babenberg ancestors had ruled the Margraviate of Austria since the appointment of Leopold's great-grandfather Leopold I in 976.

  10. Leopold VI, Duke of Austria - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Austria

    Leopold VI, known as Leopold the Glorious, was the Duke of Styria from 1194 and the Duke of Austria from 1198 to his death in 1230. He was a member of the House of Babenberg. Like his predecessors, he attempted to develop the land by founding monasteries. His most important foundation is Lilienfeld in the Lower Austrian valley of the Traisen river, where he was buried after his death. Besides that, he supported the then highly modern Mendicant Orders of the Franciscans and Dominicans.

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