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  1. LICINIUS II, Caesar. 317-324 AD. US$ 155.00 <div style="display:inline;"><img height="1" width="1" style="border-style:none;" alt="" src="//;guid=ON&amp;script=0"/></div>

  2. Nov 09, 2022 · Roman Empire - Licinius II bronze follis minted in Arelate (Arles) in 317 A.D.VAL LICINIVS NOB CAES. Laurate

  3. Oct 14, 2022 · Licinius II Caesar, AD 317-324. Æ Follis (19mm, 3.0 Ancient Coins / Licinius II Caesar AE follis - Jupiter CONSERVATORI CAESS - Antioch Javascript must be enabled for VCoins to work properly.

  4. View item. Vossen (Netherlands) Roman Imperial. Follis Licinius II Caesar AD 317-324, AE Follis (19 mm, 2.65 gram) Rome 318-19 VF. 43.80 US$ + 13.63 US$ shipping. Delivery: 7 - 10 days. View item. Boersema (Netherlands) Roman Empire Licinius II.

  5. Oct 31, 2022 · Licinius II (Caesar, 317-324). Æ Follis (19.5mm, 2.37g, 6h). Cyzicus, 317-320. Laureate bust l., wearing imperial mantle, holding globe, sceptre and mappa. R/ Jupiter standing l., holding Victory on globe and sceptre; wreath-Γ/SMK. RIC VII 11. Silvered, near EF

  6. AE-Follis. $73.28 Was: $81.42 $2.00 shipping or Best Offer SPONSORED Licinius II Follis Antioch Mint Coin $25.00 Free shipping or Best Offer 317-324 Licinius II (Follis AE3) 19mm, 2.2g Bronze ancient coin $25.00 Free shipping LICINIUS II Jr Authentic Ancient 320AD Thessalonica OLD Roman Coin VOT V i102215 $133.65 Was: $297.00 Free shipping

  7. Description Licinius II (Caesar, 317-324). AE Follis, 2.96 gram, 19.0mm, Antioch (Antakya, Turkey) mint, Obverse..D N VAL LICIN LICINIVS NOB C ("Our Lord Valerius Licinianus Licinius, Noblest Caesar"), helmeted, cuirassed bust left, shield in left hand and spear in right held over shoulder;

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