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  1. Licinius II AE Follis. Rome. 318-319 AD. 3.34 gm, LICINIVS IVN NOB C, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / ROMAE AETERNAE, Roma seated right, holding shield inscribed X V in two lines, P-R across fields. Mintmark PT. RIC 153, EF, some silvering.

  2. Licinius II, 317 - 324 AD AE Follis, Heraclea Mint, 19mm, 3.28 grams Obverse: D N VAL LICIN LICINIVS NOB C, Laureate and draped bust of Licinius left holding mappa, globe and scepter. Reverse: PROVIDENTIAE CAESS, Campgate with three turrets, each surmounted by a star, two pellets in right field, SMHgamma in exergue. RIC 36, Rare

  3. Sep 12, 2021 · Licinius Follis - Licinius II. (317-324), licinius follis - Licinius II. (317-324) - MA-Shops

  4. Licinius II, Follis, Thessalonica, AD 320, , Bronze, RIC:119: laureate, draped, cuirassed bust left: VOT V in two lines within wreath, star in badge at the top of the ...

  5. LICINIUS II, Caesar. 317-324 AD. Æ Follis (20 mm - 2.9 g). Arles mint. Struck 321 AD. LICINIVS NOB CAES, laureate head right / CAESARVM NOSTRORVM

  6. Licinius II, Follis, Siscia, 320 AD, , Bronze, RIC:132: laureate cuirassed bust left, holding mappa and Victory on globe: two captives at foot of standard inscribed VOT/X, S left, F over HL right.

  7. Licinius II - a very bold and highly detailed portrait. The reverse is multi toned and very difficult to photographSize: 18mm Weight: 2.6 gramsObverse: DN VAL LICIN LICINIVS NOB C, helmeted, cuirassed bust left,holding spear and shield Reverse: IOVI CONSERVATORI, Jupiter standing left,chlamys across left shoulder, holding Victory on globe and leaning onsceptre, eagle with wreath left, captive ...

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