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    Licinius II, also called Licinius Junior or Licinius Caesar, was the son of the Roman emperor Licinius I. He held the imperial rank of caesar between March 317 and September 324, while his father was augustus, and he was twice Roman consul. After losing a civil war, his father lost power and both he and Licinius the Younger were eventually put to death.

    • 1 March 317–19 September 324
    • Licinius
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  4. The statue and its granite pedestal were created by Giovanni Turini upon the organization of the editors of the newspaper Il Progresso Italo-Americano to raise funds to commemorate Garibaldi after his death. Turini was a volunteer member of Garibaldi's Fourth Regiment in the campaign against Austria in 1866. The statue was dedicated on June 4, 1888.

  5. In ex. STR. RIC VII Trier –. This coin is unlisted in RIC with a star in the right field. Trier 256 has a star in the left field, but RIC doesn’t list any of this type with a star in the right field. Licinius II. A.D. 320. 18x19mm 3.6gm. LICINIVS IVN NOB C; radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.

  6. Dec 20, 2017 · Licinius II is one of the sadder cases in Roman history. He had the ill fortune of being the son of the chief rival of one of the greatest commanders in Roman Imperial history. Because of this ill fortune he only lived to be about 10 years old before being executed. I think this is a great example with a portrait that is not usual for Licinius II.

  7. Licinius I : Type: Standard circulation coin Years: 320-321: Value: Follis Currency: Argenteus, Reform of Diocletian (AD 293/301 – 310/324) Composition: Copper: Weight: 3.06 g: Diameter: 18.5 mm: Shape: Round (irregular) Technique: Hammered: Orientation: Variable alignment ↺: Demonetized

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