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  1. A typical team in Summoners War must have one damage dealer, a buffer/debuffer, and a healer. Since buffs don’t stack, having two of the same in a team will be just a waste. Some of the Most Popular Summoners War Accounts. Summoners War Asima Account; Summoners War Amelia Account; Summoners War Dark Demon Account; Goddess Ameria Blessing Account

  2. Summoners War Rune Builder is a build guide tool and community for Summoners War, an online turn based game. SW fans are encouraged to add and explore our list of user gererated character build to share or enhance their strategy. Learn new, effective and winning build from the best players.

  3. Summoners War Daily Missions and Rewards. In-Depth Guide to the New Challenge Quests System! Buffs and Debuffs Guide. Arena Grades. Glory Buildings. Farming Monsters. General Guides. Summoners War Progression Guide. Path to Giant’s Keep, Basement 10 (GB10) Path to Dragon’s Lair, Basement 10 (DB10) Path to Necropolis, Basement 10 (NB10 ...

  4. Buy Summoners War LD Nat 5 Accounts. Men are equal, but monsters in Summoner’s War definitely aren’t. Among these fantastical creatures, Nat 5 monsters are the most powerful. At the same time, they’re not easy to get. For players that need many of them but don’t have time, buying a LD Nat 5 Summoner’s War account is the option some ...

  5. Fran (Light Fairy Queen) – I know I’d get a lot of backlash if I didn’t include Fran, and honestly, I can understand why. She’s just so good! She’s just so good! Her first skill decreases attack and attack bars, her second skill completely removes all debuffs off an ally and heals them based off her attack power.

  6. Max Stats Max Awakened Stats; Star Grade Monster HP ATK DEF SPD HP ATK DEF SPD; 5 : Fire Battle Angel Claire: 9390: 834: 516: 103: 9885: 900: 582: 104: 5 : Water Battle Angel Amber

  7. Secret Dungeons are hidden dungeons opened for exactly one hour, which can be found from the five Halls of Elements (Halls of Water, Fire, Wind, Light, Dark) as a random stage clear reward. Secret dungeons consist of 10 stages, with each stage requiring players to defeat waves of one particular monster. Clearing a certain amount of stages awards players with summoning pieces for that monster ...

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